The ASME IGTI John P. Davis Award

ASME Unit: International Gas Turbine Institute

Date Established: 1987

Achievement: The John P. Davis Award will be awarded from time to time (not necessarily each year) to one or more papers that most significantly:

(a) describe new or continuing gas turbine applications;

(b) identify planning, installation, operating and/or maintenance problems and their solutions; and

(c) exemplify candid exposure of real-world problems and solutions and are judged, therefore, to be of exceptional value to others supplying or using gas turbines and their support systems.


Nomination Deadline: The application papers from the Turbo Expo 2-years earlier are reviewed.

Form of Award: $1,000 total cash for each paper and a plaque to each individual author

Frequency of Award: Annual

Administrative: ASME International Gas Turbine Institute

Level of Award: Division

Selected By: Recommended by the IGTI Honors and Awards Committee with final approval by the IGTI Executive Committee.

Selecting Process: The IGTI Honors and Awards Committee reviews the papers and through an iterative process of reading and re-reading papers, chooses the nominee(s) for the best applications paper(s) by consensus for recommendation to the IGTI Executive Committee.

Funding: International Gas Turbine Institute'/s operating fund.

Date Created: 10/10/2000

Date Modified: 6/12/2

Contact Name: ASME Staff

Contact Email:

Contact Phone: 1-281-493-3491

John P. Davis Gas Turbine Applications Paper Award Recipients

2024 Winners of The ASME IGTI John P. Davis Award John Gulen, Martin Curtis

2024 John Gulen, Martin Curtis
2023 Dale Tree, Dustin Badger, Darrel Zeltner, Mohsen Rezasoltani
2022 Dr. David John Rajendran, Dr. Vassilios Pachidis
2021 Dr. David John Rajendran, Dr. Vassilios Pachidis
2020 Sung Choi, David Shifler
2018 Parthiv Shah, Gordon Pfeiffer, Rory Davis, Thomas Hartley, Zoltan Spakovszky
2017 R. K. Bhargava, M. Bianchi, L. Branchini, A. De Pascale and V. Orlandini
2016 David Bretz, Jack Halsey, Leonard L. Overton, Jr., Philip E. O. Buelow
2015 Mauro Venturini, Dr. Dirk Therkorn
2014 Jack Halsey, Leonard, L. Overton, Jr., Dr. Philip Buelow, David Bretz
2013 M. Venturini, D. Therkorn
2012 J.P. Feist, P. Sollazzo, B. Charnley, S. Berthier
2011 N. Fredrick, M. Davis Jr
2010 K. Ekici, R. Srivastava, L. Virgin, R. Kielb, J. Panovsky
2009 E. Schneider, S. Demircioglu, S. Franco, D. Therkorn
2008 S. Higuchi, T. Koganezawa, Y. Horiuchi, H. Araki, T. Shibata, S. Marushima
2007 R. Ravindranath, P.S. Prevéy, N. Jayaraman, M. Shepard
2006 M. Driscoll, T. Habib
2004 T. Scarinci, I. Day, C. Freeman
2003 T. Gabb, P.S. Prevey, R. Ravindranath, M. Shepard
2002 M. Driscoll, E. McFetridge, W. Arseneau
2001 J.J. Yu, D.E. Bently, P. Goldman, K.P. Dayton, B.G. Van Slyke
2000 N.D. Rom, M. Westermark, M.A. Bartlett, T. Lindquist
1999 C. Freeman, A.L. Rowe
1998 J. Stalder
1997 P. Childs, M. Noronha
1996 R. Dalla Betta, J.C. Schlatter, S.G. Nickolas, M.B. Cutrone, K.W. Beebe, Y. Furuse, T. Tsuchiya
1995 G. Myers, R. Reynolds, R. Srinivasan, M. Cardenas, C. Arana
1994 M.G. Dunn, A.J. Baran, J. Miatech
1993 E. Benvenuti, R. Bettocchi, G. Cantore, G. Negri di Montenegro, P.R. Spina
1992 Y. Matsumoto, K. Ito, R. Yokoyama
1991 K. Budin, G. Gasteiger, P. Schobesberger
1990 T. Sattelmayer, M.P. Felchin, J. Haumann, J. Hellat, D. Styner
1989 H.R. Simmons, A.J. Smalley
1988 J.G. Ferguson
1987 W.D. Johns, R.H. Porter
1986 S.T. Arvanitis, Y.B. Symko, R.N. Tadros
1985 C. Solt, M. Stock

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