Rudolf Kalman Best Paper Award

ASME Unit: Dynamic Systems & Control Division
Date Established: 1981
Achievement: This award is given annually by the Dynamic Systems and Control Division of ASME to the authors of the best paper published in the ASME Journal of Dynamic Systems Measurement and Control during the preceding year.
Limitations: Any member of the DSCD Honors Committee whose term on the committee includes a portion of the period in any selection cycle between the first solicitation for nominations for the award and the final selection of the award recipient(s) is ineligible for nomination for these awards.
Nomination Deadline: 6/30
Form of Award: Plaque or framed certificate suitable for wall hanging and a citation specific to the award recipient.
Frequency of Award: Every other year
Administrative: Dynamic Systems & Control Division
Level of Award: Division
Selected By: Dynamic Systems and Control Honors & Awards Committee
Selecting Process: The Editor of the Journal of Dynamic, Systems, Measurement and Control solicits nominations from the Associate Editors of the Journal. The Editor down selects from these nominations and submits a final set of nominations to the H&A Committee. The Committee determines the winner. The award is presented at the DSCC Awards Banquet. The authors receives an cash award plus a certificate, one for each co-author.
Funding: The Award is funded from a draw from the DSCD Custodial Fund with a cash award in an amount of $750.00.
Date Created: 12/5/2008
Date Modified: 11/6/2012
Contact Name: Roberto Horowitz
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: (510) 643-7013

Winners of the Rudolf Kalman Best Paper Award

1981 Joseph Beaman
Karl Hedrick
2005 S. Parthasarathy
S. Mantell
K. Stelson
2017 IL Yeoh
PG Reinhall
MC Berg
HJ Chizeck
EJ Seibel
1982 Steven Dubowski 2006 G. Shaver
J.C. Gerdes
M. Roelle
P. Caton
C. Edwards
2018 KV Nielsen
M Blanke
L Eriksson
M Vejlgaard-Laursen
1993 B. Paden, D. Chen
R. Ledesma
E. Bayo
2007 Eric Maslen
Dominick Montie
Tetsuya Iwasaki
1994 Tsu-Chin Tsao
Masayoshi Tomizuka
2008 Sergio Savaresi
Mara Tanelli
Carlo Cantoni
1995 T. Yoshikawa
Y. Yokokohji
T. Matsumoto
X. Z. Zheng
2009 Hans DeSmidt,
Kon-Well Wang
Edward C. Smith
1996 Michael Pelletier 2010 Soo Jeon
M. Tomizuka
Tetsuaki Katou
1998 W.C. Sun
K.A. Stelson
2011 Aravind Seshadri
Prabhakar R. Pagilla
1999 Asok Ray
Kamal Youcef-Toumi
Ting-Jen Yeh
2012 Nicoleta Minoiu Enache
Saïd Mammar
Benoit Lusetti
Yazid Sebsadj
2000 Karl Hedrick
2000 - P.P Yip
2013 Nikhil Ravi
Hsien-Hsin Liao
Adam F. Jungkunz
Chen-Fang Chang
Han Ho Song
Christian Gerdes
2002 J.W. Glass
Matt Franchek
2014 Z. Shen
C.D. Rahn
2003 L-K Chen
A. G. Ulsoy
2015 D. Spinello
D.J. Stilwell
2004 Quinn Y.J. Smithwick
Per G. Reinhall
Juris Vagners
Eric J. Seibel
2016 Galip Ulsoy    

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