Classic Paper Award

ASME Unit: Heat Transfer Division (HTD)
Date Established: 1997
Achievement: Highlights past exceptional papers and authors. The papers must have been published at least 15 years ago.
Limitations: none
Nomination Deadline: March 1
Form of Award: Certificate
Frequency of Award: Annual
Administrative: Heat Transfer Division
Level of Award: Division
Selected By: Heat Transfer Division Executive Committee
Selecting Process: Review of papers by the Honors and Awards Committee (K-3), which makes its recommendation to the Executive Committee. For information on nominations, visit the ASME Unit Award Nominations Page.
Funding: Heat Transfer Custodian Account
Date Created: 10/18/2000
Date Modified: 10/24/2012
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Winners of the Classic Paper Award

1997  S.V. Patankar
1997  D.B. Spalding
1998  K. Vafai
1998  C.L. Tien
1998  D.K. Edwards
1998  A. Balarishnan
1998  W. Aung
1998  L.S. Fletcher
1998  V. Sernas
1999  S. Weinbaum, S.
1999  L.M.Jiji
2000  F.P. Incropera
2000  J.S. Kerby
2000  D.F. Moffatt
2000  S. Ramadhyani
2001  John C. Chen
2002  Warren Rohsenow
2004  A.K. Oppenheimer
2005  E.M. Sparrow
2006  P. Cheng
2006  W.J. Minkowycz
2007  Y. Jaluria
2007  B. Gebhart
2008  Novak Zuber, Ph.D.
2008  John A. Findley, Ph.D