Best Student Paper Award

ASME Unit: Advanced Energy Systems Division (AESD)
Date Established:  
Nomination Deadline: 9/1
Form of Award:  
Frequency of Award: Annual
Level of Award: Division
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Date Created: 11/10/2008
Date Modified: 11/19/2009
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Winners of the Best Student Paper Award

2013 Student Best Paper Award Farzan Kazemifar and Dimitrios C. Kyritsis
2013 Best Fuel Cell Student Paper Marta Gandiglio, Andrea Lanzini, Pierluigi Leone, Massimo Santarelli
2012 Student Best Paper Award Rebecca Z. Pass and Chris F. Edwards Rajlakshmi T. Purkay Astaan and Robert M. McMeeking
2011 Systems Analysis Best Student Paper Award Giovanni Manente, Randall field, Jefferson W. Tester, Ronald DiPippo, Marco Paci and Nicola Rossi
2010 Student Best Paper Award Kelly Twomey and Michael Webber
2009 Best Student Paper Award Jesse Dean, Alicen Kandt, Kari Burman, Lars Lisell and Christopher Helm
Best Student Paper Janna Martinek, Melinda Channel, Allan Lewandowski and Alan Weimer
Systems Analysis Best Student Paper Award Katherine E. Bulgrin, Y. Sungtaek Ju, Greg P. Carman and Andrienne S. Lavine
2008 Best Student Paper Award Claudia Toro and Valentina Amati
2007 Systems Analysis & Fuel Cell Best Student Paper Award Cullen Buie, Juan G. Santiago and Shawn Lister
2006 Heat Pump Technical Committee Best Student Paper Award Elise Estiot
2001 Systems Analysis Committee Best Student Paper Award

"The Use of Decomposition for the large Scale Synthesis/Design Optimization of Highly Coupled, Highly Dynamic Energy Systems."

Recipients: J. R. Munoz - Virginia Polytechnic Institute, USA M.von Spakovsky - State University, USA


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