The ASME IGTI Student Advisory Committee Travel Award

ASME Unit: International Gas Turbine Institute

Achievement: The ASME Gas Turbine Segment Leadership instituted an award for students who both participate in the conference and actively contribute to the growth of the SAC. Applicants for these awards must be seeking a degree and must be or plan to be members of the SAC. 

Nomination Deadline: December 16, 2020

Form of Award: $2,000 to cover or partially cover student travel expenses to ASME Turbo Expo

Frequency of Award: Annual

Administrative: ASME International Gas Turbine Institute

Level of Award: Division

Selected By: An Award Committee consisting of a representative from eight technical committees and the Chair of the IGTI Awards & Honors Committee with endorsement of the nominee by the IGTI Executive Committee.

Funding: IGTI’s Operating Fund

Date Modified: 7/9/2020

Contact Name: ASME Staff

Contact Email:

Contact Phone: 1-281-493-3491

Congratulations to our 2020 ASME IGTI Student Advisory Committee Travel (SACTA) Award Winners!

Dino, Anthony, Celli The Ohio State University
Tânia Sofia Cação Ferreira Université catholique de Louvain/von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics
Spencer Sperling The Ohio State University
Avinash Ambadas Renuke University of Genoa, Italy
Manas Madasseri Payyappalli Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
Richard Alan Celestina The Ohio State University
Elissavet Boufidi von Karman Institute/Université Catholique de Louvain
Mavroudis D. Kavvalos Malardalen University (MDH)
Matthew Aaron Meier Purdue University
Louis Edward Christensen The Ohio State University
Alessandro Romei Politecnico di Milan
Brian, Frederick, Knisely Pennsylvania State University
Kedar Prasad Nawathe University of Minnesota -- Twin Cities
Rahul Kumar Indian Institute of Technology Madras
Kishore Ranganath, Ramakrishnan North Carolina State University
Bernhard Stiehl Universtiy of Central Florida
Shinjan Ghosh University of Central Florida
Shuo Mao  Virginia Tech
Erik, Matthew, Ninnemann University of Central Florida

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