The ASME IGTI Industrial Gas Turbine Technology Award

ASME Unit: International Gas Turbine Institute

Date Established: 2009

Achievement: The Industrial Gas Turbine Technology Award recognizes sustained personal creative scientific or technological contributions unique to electric power or mechanical drive industrial gas turbine technology. Eligible areas of accomplishment are gas turbine design, application, operations/maintenance, and research/development/deployment, performed in an industrial, academic or research laboratory environment in one or more of the following fields: Combustion, Fuels, & Emissions Abatement, Controls, Diagnostics, Electric Power Plant Integration, Fluid Dynamics & Thermal Sciences, Operation, Maintenance, & Life Cycle Cost, Manufacturing, Materials, & Metallurgy, Structures & Dynamics, Thermodynamic Cycles, Turbomachinery.

Nomination Deadline: October 15th

Form of Award: Plaque

Frequency of Award: Annual

Administrative: ASME International Gas Turbine Institute

Level of Award: Division

Selected By: An Award Committee consisting of a representative from eight technical committees and the Chair of the IGTI Awards & Honors Committee with endorsement of the nominee by the IGTI Executive Committee.

Selecting Process: Nominations will be sent to the IGTI staff who will assemble and provide the nominations electronically to the Honors and Awards Committee for their review.   

Funding: IGTI’s Operating Fund

Date Modified: 7/9/2020

Contact Name: ASME Staff

Contact Email:

Contact Phone: 1-281-493-3491

Nomination Form

Winners of the ASME IGTI Industrial Gas Turbine Technology Award

Dr. Jay Kapat
2024 Dr. Jay Kapat
2023 Vittorio Michelassi
2022 Richard Tuthill
2021 Richard Dennis
2020 Thomas Sattelmayer
2019 Ron Natole
2018 Leroy Tomlinson
2017 Dr. Eisaku Ito
2016 Klaus Brun
2015 Jon Schaeffer
2014 Salvatore A. Della Villa
2013 Rainer Kurz
2012 Dr.-Ing. Jaan Hellat
2011 Donald E. Brandt
2010 Dr. Hans-Juergen Kiesow
2009 L. Berkley Davis

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