Aircraft EngineTechnology Award

ASME Unit: International Gas Turbine Institute
Date Established: 3/1/1991
Achievement: To an individual for sustained personal creative contributions to aircraft engine technology in the areas of aircraft engine design, and/or research and development in the fields of combustion and fuels, heat transfer, manufacturing materials and metallurgy.
Nomination Deadline:  
Form of Award: Plaque
Frequency of Award: Annual
Administrative: ASME International Gas Turbine Institute
Level of Award: Institute
Selected By: An Award Committee consisting of a representative from eight technical committees and the Chair of the IGTI Awards & Honors Committee with endorsement of the nominee by the IGTI Board of Directors.
Selecting Process: Award Committee Chair will distribute a call for nominations in August each year. He will organize nominations received and submit the package of nominees and supporting data to members of the Award Committee. The Award Committee Chair will submit the elected candidate’s name and supporting information to the IGTI Awards and Honors Committee Chair who will bring it to the next scheduled IGTI Board meeting for final endorsement.
Funding: IGTI'/s Operating Fund
Date Created: 10/18/2000
Date Modified: 9/1/2015
Contact Name: ASME Staff
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 1-281-493-3491

Winners of the Aircraft Engine Technology Award

2015 Allan Epstein 2003 Don Bahr
2014 Ron Bunker 2002 Dilip R. Ballal
2013 Sigmar Wittig 2001 John Adamczyk
2012 Walter O'Brien 2000 Peter Tramm
2010 Riti Singh 2000 Louis Povinelli
2009 Aspi Wadia 1998 John Denton
2008 Nicholas Cumpsty 1997 Budugur Lakshminarayana
2007 Om Sharma 1996 Arthur H. Lefebvre
2006 Allan Volponi 1995 Edward M. Greitzer
2005 Ben Zinn 1994 Ernst R.G. Eckert
2004 David Wisler 1993 LeRoy H. Smith
    1992 Christos C. Chamis