Gas Turbine Award

Gas Turbine Award

The Gas Turbine Award is given in recognition of an outstanding individual--or multiple--author contribution to the literature of combustion gas turbines or gas turbines thermally combined with nuclear or steam power plants. The paper may be devoted to design aspects or overall gas turbines or individual components and/or systems such as compressors, combustion systems, turbines, controls and accessories, bearings, regenerators, inlet air filters, silencers, etc. It may cover topics specifically related to gas turbines such as high temperature materials or fuel considerations, including erosion and corrosion complications. It can also be devoted to application or operational aspects of gas turbines for aircraft propulsion and ground power units, or automotive, electric utility, gas pipeline pumping, locomotive, marine, oil field pumping, petrochemical, space power, steel, and similar uses. Papers published anywhere in the world are eligible.

The Gas Turbine Division (now International Gas Turbine Institute) established the award in 1963.

Form of Award: $1000 and Plaque
Limitation(s): None
Administrative Responsibility: International Gas Turbine Institute
Nomination Deadline: June 1
Nomination Send To: Gas Turbine Award Committee Chair
Committee Chair: John Blanton
Phone Number: 864-382-0626
Awarded By: Committee on Honors (COH)


1964 Alexander L. London
1965 J.S. Alford
1966 Franklin O. Carta
1967 Arthur D. Bernstein
  William H. Heiser
  Charles M. Hevenor
1968 O.E. Balje
1969 Carlyle Reid
1970 J.L. Kerrebrock
  A.A. Mikolajczak
1971 H.A. Harmon
  A.A. Mikolajczak
  D. Marchant
1972 F.B. Metzger
  D.B. Hanson
1973 John Moore
1974 G.L. Commerford
  Lynn E. Snyder
1975 Edward M. Greitzer
1976 J.P. Gostelow
1977 Ivor J. Day
  Nicholas A. Cumpsty
  Edward M. Greitzer
1978 Frank J. Wiesner
1979 Arthur Schaffler
1980 Mark S. Darlow
  Anthony J. Smalley
  Alexander G. Parkinson
1981 G. Gordon Adkins, Jr.
  Leroy H. Smith, Jr.
1982 K.V.L. Rao
  Arthur H. Lefebvre
1983 Chunill Hah
1984 Howard P. Hodson
1985 Denis J. Doorley
  Martin L.G. Oldfield
1986 Simon J. Gallimore
  Nicholas A. Cumpsty
1987 Leroy H. Smith, Jr.
1988 Roger L. Davis
  David E. Hobbs
  Harris D. Weingold
1989 Joel H. Wagner
  Bruce V. Johnson
  Thomas J. Hajek
1990 James H. Leylek
  David C. Wisler
1991 Ivor J. Day
1992 S.R. Manwaring
  David C. Wisler
1993 Joel M. Haynes
  Gavin J. Hendricks
  Alan H. Epstein
1994 Edward M. Greitzer
  Daniel L. Gysling
1995 Bruce P. Biederman
  Craig J. Fischberg
  Aaron J. Gleixner
  Charles R. Le Jambre
  Chae M. Rhie
  David A. Spear
  Chad J. Yetka
  Robert M. Zacharias
1996 Franz Joos
  Philipp Brunner
  Burkhard Schulte-Werning
  Khawar Syed
  Adnan Eroglu
1997 T.R. Camp
  Ivor J. Day
1998 Robert E. Kielb
  Josef Panovsky
1999 Robert C. Steele
  Luke H. Cowell
  Steven M. Cannon
  Clifford E. Smith
2000 Thomas Sattelmayer
2001 Frank Hummel
2002 Ammar A. Al-Nahwi
  Samir Nayfeh
  James D. Paduano
2003 Lance L. Smith
  Hasan Karim
  Marco J. Castaldi
  Shahrokh Etemad
  William C. Pfefferle
  Vivek K. Khanna
  Kenneth O. Smith
2004 Ivor J. Day
  Christopher Freeman
  Thomas Scarinci
2005 Ivor J. Day
  Christopher Freeman
  John C. Williams
2006 Budimir Rosic
  John Douglas Denton
2007 Timothy Rice
  David Bell
  Gurnam Singh
2008 Ronald S. Bunker
2009 Budimir Rosic
  Eric M. Curtis
  John Douglas Denton
  John P. Longley
2010 Martin N. Goodhand
  Robert Miller
2011 Christian Eichler
  Georg M. Baumgartner
  Thomas Sattelmayer
2012 Graham Pullan
  Anna M Young
  Ivor J. Day
  Edward M. Greitzer
  Zoltan S. Spakovszky
2013 Harika S. Kahveci
  Kevin R. Kirtley
2014 Robert P. Grewe
  Robert J. Miller
  Howard P. Hodson
2015 Ho-On To
  Robert J. Miller
2016 Svilen S. Savov
  Nicholas Atkins
  Sumiu Uchida
2017 Christoph Brandstetter
  Maximilian Jüngst
  Heinz-Peter Schiffer


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