Spirit of St. Louis Medal

The Spirit of St. Louis Medal is awarded for meritorious service in the advancement of aeronautics and astronautics.

The successful candidate is expected to give an authoritative lecture in his/her field at the time of the award presentation.

The medal was established in 1929 by Philip D. Ball, ASME Members, and Citizens of St. Louis, Missouri.


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Form of Award: $1000, vermeil medal and certificate
Limitation(s): None
Administrative Responsibility: Aerospace Division
Nomination Deadline: September 1
E-mail: persaudl@asme.org
Awarded By: Committee on Honors (COH)

Spirit of St. Louis Medalists

1929 Daniel Guggenheim 1972 Neil A. Armstrong 2000 John C. Houbolt
1932 Paul Litchfield 1973 John F. Yardley 2001 Sheila E. Widnall
1935 Will Rogers (posthumously) 1974 Abe Silverstein 2002 Thomas J. Kelly
1938 James H. Doolittle 1977 George D. McLean 2003 Peretz P. Friedmann
1941 John E. Younger 1978 Paul B. MacCready 2005 Robert H. Liebeck
1944 George W. Lewis 1979 Sir Freddie Laker 2007 Earl H. Dowell
1947 John E. Northrup 1980 Michael Collins 2009 Paul Bevilaqua
1950 Reinout P. Kroon 1981 Edgar M. Cortright, Jr. 2011 Abraham E. Karem
1954 Arthur E. Raymond 1982 Frank N. Piasecki 2012 William M. Shepherd
1955 Ralph S. Damon 1983 John W. Young 2013 David A. Peters
1958 George S. Schairer 1984 Charles S. Draper 2015 Dewey H. Hodges
1961 Samuel K. Hoffman 1985 Kurt H. Hohenemser 2016 Inderjit Chopra
1962 Robert H. Widmer 1986 Bruce McCandless II 2017 Charbel Farhat
1963 Frederick C. Crawford 1987 Elbert L. Rutan 2018 Stephen P. Engelstad
1964 Robert R. Gilruth 1988 Edward H. Heinemann 2019 Kevin G. Bowcutt
1965 William H. Pickering 1990 Charles Feltz 2021 Darold B. Cummings
1966 Christopher C. Kraft, Jr. 1992 Holt Ashley 2022 George A. Kardomateas
1967 Ira G. Hedrick 1993 Charles F. Tiffany 2023 Wayne Johnson
        2024 William A. Sirignano
1968 George S. Moore 1994 Ben R. Rich
1969 G. Merritt Preston 1995 Antony Jameson
1970 Clarence L. Johnson 1996 Robert G. Loewy
1971 Ralph L. Creel 1997 John W. Lincoln
    1998 Charles Kaman

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