Soichiro Honda Medal

The Soichiro Honda Medal recognizes an individual for an outstanding achievement or a series of significant engineering contributions in developing improvements in the field of personal transportation.

Attention shall be concentrated on the brilliance of the achievement or on the overall effect of a series of contributions-- not on the individual. The achievement should be of such public importance as to be worthy of the gratitude of society and to call forth the admiration of engineers.

As a result of a generous unrestricted donation to ASME by Honda Motor Company, Ltd., in 1980, the Society established the Soichiro Honda Medal in recognition of Mr. Honda'/s exemplary achievements in the field of personal transportation in 1983.

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Form of Award: $7,500 honorarium, vermeil medal, certificate, and a $750 travel allowance
Limitation(s): None
Administrative Responsibility: Energy Conversion Technical Group
Nomination Deadline: October 1
Nomination Sent To: Leila Persaud
Phone Number: 212-591-7071
Awarded By: Committee on Honors (COH)


1984 John P. Stapp 1999 John B. Heywood 2013 John C. Wall
1985 Shoichi Furuhama 2000 Franz F. Pischinger 2014 Thomas Morel
1986 Lloyd L. Withrow 2001 Robert C. Stempel 2015 Thomas D. Gillespie
1987 Felix Wankel 2002 John H. Johnson 2016 Bahram Khaligh
1988 Arthur F. McLean 2003 Robert F. Sawyer 2017 John E. Dec
1989 Shunichi Ohigashi 2004 Rolf D. Reitz 2018 Ashwani K. Gupta
1990 Charles M. Heinen 2005 Barry J. Cooper 2019 Masayoshi Tomizuka
1991 Hans C. List 2006 David E. Foster 2020 Asad M. Madni
1992 Hiroyuki Hiroyasu 2007 Wallace R. Wade 2022 Subir Chowdhury
1993 Phillip S. Myers 2008 Robin Stuart Sharp    
1994 James Ellis Hall 2009 David F. Merrion
1995 Joseph M. Juran 2010 Thomas W. Asmus
1996  Karl J. Springer 2011 John J. Mooney
1997 Jack D. Benson 2012 Priyaranjan Prasad

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