Ralph Coats Roe Medal

The Ralph Coats Roe Medal, established in 1972, recognizes an outstanding contribution toward a better public understanding and appreciation of the engineer’s worth to contemporary society.

The successful candidate is expected to give an authoritative lecture in his/her field at a general session during the ASME Annual Meeting.

Ralph Coats Roe was a pioneer and innovator in the design and construction of highly efficient power plants and advanced desalting processes. He was an inspiration to his colleagues by his great achievements through self-education in highly sophisticated technologies.

The medal was endowed by Burns and Roe, Inc., the corporation founded by Ralph Coats Roe.

Form of Award: $12,000, gold medal, certificate and a travel allowance 
Limitation(s): None
Administrative Responsibility: Committee on Honors (COH)
Nomination Deadline: September 15
E-mail: persaudl@asme.org
Awarded By: Committee on Honors (COH)

Ralph Coats Roe Medalists 

1974 Emilio Q. Daddario
1975 Walter Sullivan
1977 Robert C. Seamans, Jr.
1978 David Perlman
1979 William D. Carey
1980 Melvin Kranzberg
1981 Carl Sagan
1982 Samuel C. Florman
1983 Tracy Kidder
1984 Lee Iacocca
1985 David Dooling, Jr.
1987 T. Lindsay Baker
1988 Cong. Donald L. Ritter
1989 John H. Lienhard
1990 Jeremy Bernstein
1991 Henry J. Petroski
1992 Frank Kreith
1993 Mary Lowe Good
1995 John Noble Wilford
1996 Norman R. Augustine
1997 Cong. George E. Brown, Jr.
1998 Paul B. MacCready
1999 Edward Wenk, Jr.
2000 Barry I. Hyman
2001 N. Jan Davis
2002 Dean Kamen
2003 Vernon J. Ehlers
2004 William A. Wulf
2005 Winfred M. Phillips
2006 Bernard Amadei
2007 Roop L. Mahajan
2008 Shirley Ann Jackson
2009 Bonnie J. Dunbar
2010 Charles M. Vest
2011 Ioannis N. Miaoulis
2012 Bill Nye
2013 G. Wayne Clough
2014 Adam Hart-Davis
2015 Freeman A. Hrabowski, III
2016 James J. Duderstadt
2017 Adrian Bejan
2018 Gwynne Shotwell
2019 Charles F. Bolden Jr.
2020 William S. Hammack
2021 Burt Rutan
2022 Aprille J. Ericsson
2023 Winston Oluwole Soboyejo
2024 Madiha El Mehelmy Kotb

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