R. Tom Sawyer Award

The R. Tom Sawyer Award is bestowed on an individual who has made important contributions to advance the purpose of the Gas Turbine Industry and to the International Gas Turbine Institute over a substantial period of time. The contribution may be in any area of institute activity but must be marked by sustained forthright efforts.

The award was established in 1972 to honor R. Tom Sawyer who, for over four decades, toiled zealously to advance gas turbine technology in all of its aspects.

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Form of Award: $1000, plaque and certificate
Administrative Responsibility: International Gas Turbine Institute
Limitation(s): None
Nomination Deadline: August 15
Nomination Sent To: Leila Persaud
Phone Number: 212-591-7071
E-mail: persaudl@asme.org
Awarded By: Committee on Honors (COH)


1972 R. Tom Sawyer 1991 Gerhard Neumann 2010 Herbert Jericha
1973 John W. Sawyer 1992 William R. Hawthorne 2011 Dilip R. Ballal
1974 Waheeb Rizk 1993 Arthur J. Wennerstrom 2012 David C. Wisler
1975 Bruce O. Buckland 1994 Brian H. Rowe 2013 Anthony J. Strazisar
1976 Curt Keller 1995 Geoffrey L. Wilde. 2014 Reza S. Abhari
1977 Alexander L. London 1996 Donald D. Hill 2015 Lee S. Langston
1978 Sir Frank Whittle 1997 John H. Horlock 2016 Nicholas Cumpsty
1979 Sam B. Williams 1998 Donald W. Bahr 2017 Alan H. Epstein
1980 Ralph L. Boyer 1999 Donald E. Bently 2018 Aspi R. Wadia
1981 Thomas E. Stott, Jr. 2000 Martin C. Hemsworth 2019 Om P. Sharma
1982 R. Noel Penny 2001 Max Bentele 2020 Sunao Aoki
1983 Sven-Olof Kronogard 2002 Philip C. Ruffles 2021 Robert E. Kielb
        2022 Timothy C. Lieuwen  
1984 Arthur H. Lefebvre 2003 Sigmar Wittig 2023 Karen A. Thole
1985 Anselm Franz 2004 Herb I.H. Saravanamuttoo
1986 Elvie L. Smith 2005 Edward M. Greitzer
1987 Leroy H. Smith, Jr. 2006 Erio Benvenuti
1988 Bernard L. Koff 2007 John Douglas Denton
1989 Edward S. Wright 2008 Theodore H. Okiishi
1990 Hans J.P. von Ohain 2009 Michael G. Dunn

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