Performance Test Codes Medal

Performance Test Codes Medal

The Performance Test Codes Medal is awarded to an individual (or individuals in exceptional circumstances) who has made outstanding contributions to the development and promotion of ASME Performance Test Codes, including the Supplements on Instruments and Apparatus.

The medal was established to recognize the first voluntary codes and standards activity in the Society and in the United States. The codes are recognized throughout the world for their excellence, providing industry and the engineering community with the technology that promotes the philosophy of accurate and reliable performance evaluation.

The award was established in 1981 by contributions to the Performance Test Codes of the Society.

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Form of Award: $1000, Vermeil Medal and Certificate
Limitation(s): None
Administrative Responsibility: Board on Standardization & Testing
Nomination Deadline: January 1
Awarded By: General Awards Committee (GAC)

Performance Test Codes Medalists

2024 Terry Sullivan
2023 Joseph A. Silvaggio, Jr.
2022 Tina L. Toburen
2021 Thomas C. Wheelock
2020 William C. Wood
2019 Steven A. Scavuzzo
2018 Michael P. McHale
2017 Thomas K. Kirkpatrick
2016 Matthew J. Dooley
2015 Thomas C. Heil
2014 W. Glenn Steele Jr.
2013 Patrick M. McHale
2012 Paul G. Albert
2011 W. Cary Campbell
2010 Gordon J. Gerber
2009 Steven P. Nuspl
2008 Joseph W. Mitlon
2006 John W. Siegmund
2005 Samuel J. Korellis
2003 Jeffrey R. Friedman
2002 John M. Burns
2001 Ronald H. Dieck
2000 John C. Westcott
1999 Roy P. Allen
1998 David R. Keyser
1997 Norman R. Deming
1996 Ronald L. Bannister
1995 Silas L. Morse
1993 Philip M. Gerhart
1992 Joseph S. Davis, Jr.
1991 Robert Jorgensen
1990 Karl G. Grothues
1989 Frederick H. Light
1988 Charles B. Scharp
1987 P.H. "Pete" Knowlton, Jr.
1986 John H. Fernandes
1985 James W. Murdock
1984 Kenneth C. Cotton
1984 William G. McLean

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