Patrick J. Higgins Award

Patrick J. Higgins Medal

Patrick J. Higgins Medal, established in 2007 to recognize an individual who has contributed to the enhancement of standardization through contributions to the development, and promotion of ASME Codes and Standards or Conformity Assessment Programs in the following areas: Plumbing Materials & Equipment; Screw Threads; Tools (machine, cutting and hand); Fasteners, (e.g, bolts, nuts, rivets, screws, washers);Chain, Attachments and Sprockets for Power Transmission & Conveying; Metal & Metal Alloy Wrought Mill Product Nominal Sizes; Pressure and Temperature Instruments & Accessories; Classification & Designation of Surface Qualities; Gage Blanks; Chemical Standard Pumps; Dimensional Metrology; Industrial System Energy Assessment; Overhead Hoists; Measurement of Fluid Flow in Closed Conduits; Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability of Power Plants; Steel Stacks; Verification and Validation in Computational Modeling and Simulation; Engineering Drawing; Related Documentation Practices.

The Medal was established by the Board on Standardization & Testing to honor Patrick J. Higgins who was the long standing Chairman of the A112 Committee on Plumbing Materials & Equipment and a member of the Board on Standardization.

Form of Award: $1000, Bronze Medal and Certificate
Limitation(s): Advancement of ASME codes, standards, and conformity assessment
Administrative Responsibility: Board on Standardization and Testing
Nomination Deadline: September 1
Nomination Sent To: Patrick J. Higgins Medal
Committee Chair: M. Guard
Phone Number: 414-374-2758 
Medal Awarded By: Committee on Honors (COH)


2008 Morris Klimboff
2009 Jayaraman Raja
2010 Archie R. Anderson
2011 Sally A. Remedios
2012 Frederick G. Parsons
2013 Robert J. DeBoom
2014 Brian Parry
2015 Shabbir M. Rawalpindiwala
2016 Frank Bakos
2017 Thomas Charlton Jr.
2018 Julius Ballanco
2019 Christopher J. Freitas
2020 Mark C. Malburg
2021 A. Richard Emmerson


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