Duane P. Jordan Early Career Award

Established in 1994, this award recognizes outstanding early career engineers who have advanced quickly in their professional careers, have participated in advancing their education, have shown leadership in ASME activities and have volunteered actively in their communities.

The Old Guard is made up ASME dues exempt members, those who have reached the age of 65 and have retired. They continue to contribute to the Society and their contributions are used to support ASME Student and Early Career Engineer Development.

The Old Guard Early Career Award was renamed the Duane P. Jordan Early Career Award in 2022.
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Form of Award: $5,000, paid membership for life and plaque (First Place) $2,000, paid membership for life and plaque (Second & Third Runners-up)
Limitation(s): The applicant must be a current ASME Member who has received a baccalaureate degree in Mechanical Engineering no less than four (4) years and no more than eight (8) years before the application deadline, February 1 annually.
Administrative Responsibility: Duane P. Jordan Early Career Award Committee
Nomination Deadline: February 1
Nomination Sent To: Leila Persaud
Phone Number: 212-591-7071
Email: persaudl@asme.org
Award By: Committee on Honors (COH)


1995 Brian K. Miller 2010 Aaron J. Ryan
1996 Robert E. Lund 2011 Julie A. Kulik
1997 Jeff A. Gessaman 2012 Anita Rebarchak
1999 Connie J. Buynacek 2013 Jared B. Garrison
2000 John T. Maine 2014 Andres E. Rondon Marin
2002 Susan M. Shumate 2015 Twishansh Mehta
2003 Kenneth P. Horne 2016 Nathaniel Taylor
2004 Matthew L. Robinson 2017 Katie Correll
2005 Howard Berkof 2018 Michael P. Brundage
2006 Catherine Q. Lengsfeld 2019 Lee Clemon
2007 Candice A. Bauer 2020 Simon Pun
2008 Jennifer R. Jewers 2021 Nicole Salloum
2009 Kalan R. Guiley 2022 Bryan Maldonado


1995 Larry C. Dickinson
Lisa M. Meline
2010 Victoria S. Blocker
1996 John M. Siegel 2011 Eduardo J. Barrientos

Diana L. Gerrish
Donald H. Mathews III

2013 Scott J. Curran
Ryan M. Neil
1999 Brandon G. Muramatsu
Jan E. Shumate
2014 Jennifer S. Cooper
2000 Alison T. Nack
Craig D. Redding
2016 Bryony L. DuPont
Kyle M. Richter
2002 Crystal Heshmat
Mira K. Sahney
2017 Mohammad E. Haque
2003 Blake T. Larson
Matthew L. Robinson
2018 Bodhayan Dev
Daniel Preston
2004 Mark R. Martin
John Randazzo
2019 Tran Mah-Paulson
Kushi Sellahennedige
2005 Joel Gillard
Stacy R. Sanning
2020 Harsheel Panchasara
2006 Timo Marquez Arreaza 2021 Nishant Trivedi
2008 Annmarie Connor
Eric J. Ruggiero
2022 Omar Kheir

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