M. Eugene Merchant Manufacturing Medal of ASME/SME

M. Eugene Merchant Manufacturing Medal of ASME/SME

The M. Eugene Merchant Manufacturing Medal was established in 1986 by ASME and SME to honor an exceptional individual who has had significant influence and responsibility for improving the productivity and efficiency of the manufacturing operation.

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Form of Award: 1500, vermeil medal and certificate
Limitation(s): None
Administrative Responsibility: Manufacturing Engineering Division
Nomination Deadline: February 1
E-mail: persaudl@asme.org
Awarded By: Committee on Honors (COH)

M. Eugene Merchant Manufacturing Medalists 

2023 Dawn R. White
2022 Brian J. Papke
2021 Kevin S. Smith
2020 Krishnamoorthy Subramanian
2019 Sujeet Chand
2018 Kamlakar Rajurkar
2017 Michael F. Molnar
2016 Jyotirmoy Mazumder
2015 David Dornfeld
2014 Dean L. Bartles
2013 Bryan G. Dods
2012 Chul B. Park
2011 Ranga Komanduri
2010 Gary L. Cowger
2009 Patrick A. McKeown
2008 James B. Bryan
2007 Takeo Nakagawa
2006 Yoram Koren
2005 James J. Padilla
2004 David A. Stephenson
2003 Branimir F. von Turkovich
2002 Richard E.Dauch
2001 Geoffrey Boothroyd
2000 Koichi Nishimura
1999 W. Dale Compton
1998 James F. Lardner
1997 Norman R. Augustine
1996 Erich Bloch
1995 Laurence C. Seifert
1994 George M.C. Fisher
1993 Robert H. Wentorf, Jr.
1992 Günter Spur
1991 Edson I. Gaylord
1990 Thorton A. Wilson
1989 Brian H. Rowe
1988 Donald E. Petersen
1987 Seiuemon Inaba

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