Internal Combustion Engine Award

The Internal Combustion Engine Award recognizes eminent achievement or distinguished contribution over a substantial period of time, which may result from research, innovation, or education in advancing the art of engineering in the field of internal combustion engines; or in directing the efforts and accomplishments of those engaged in engineering practice in the design, development, application, and operation of internal combustion engines.

In 1966, by bequest, the Diesel and Gas Engine Power Division established this award.

Nomination Form
Nomination Instructions

Form of Award: $1000 and plaque
Limitation(s): None
Administrative Responsibility: Internal Combustion Engine Division
Nomination Deadline: February 1
Nomination Sent To: Sibendu Som
Phone Number: 630-252-5273
Awarded By: Committee on Honors (COH)


1967 Frederick P. Porter 1989 Richard D. Kieser 2007 Paul R. Danyluk 2022 Roy J. Primus
1969 Leo T. Brinson, Jr. 1990 Daniel C. Garvey 2008 Dionissios N. Assanis    
1971 Melvin J. Helmich 1991 Fred S. Schaub 2009 Ronald D. Matthews    
1972 R. Rex Robinson 1992 John A. Kimberley 2010 John E. Dec    
1973 Warren A. Rhoades 1993 Edward F. Obert 2011 Rolf D. Reitz    
1974 Warren J. Severin 1994 Otto A. Uyehara 2012 Nicholas P. Cernansky    
1975 William Spelcher 1995 John C. Hallinan 2013 John H. Johnson    
1979 Helmuth G. Braendel 1997 Benny Ballheimer 2014 Robert M. Wagner    
1981 Phillip S. Myers 1999 Serge Gratch 2015 Volker Sick    
1982 David B. Field 2000 Charles A. Amann 2016 Terrence F. Alger II    
1983 James H. Garrett 2002 Warren E. Snyder 2017 Paul Miles    
1984 Samuel S. Lestz 2003 Rodica A. Baranescu 2018 Dennis L. Siebers    
1985 John M. Bailey 2004 Humphrey Niven 2019 Peter K. Senecal    
1986 Hugh A. Williams, Jr. 2005 Karl J. Springer 2020 André L. Boehman    
1987 Garin M. VanDeMark 2006 N. Richard Dunteman 2021 Gautam Kalghatgi    

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