Holley Medal

Holley Medal

The Holley Medal was established in 1924 to honor Alexander Lyman Holley, charter member of ASME. It is awarded for outstanding and unique act(s) of an engineering nature, accomplishing a noteworthy and timely public benefit by one or more individuals for a single achievement, provided the contributions are equal or comparable.

This medal commemorates Alexander Lyman Holley (1832-1882), who chaired the first meeting of ASME’s founders, Feb. 16, 1880, and was the principal author of the Society’s first by-laws.

Mr. Holley is recognized for introducing the Bessemer process of steelmaking to the United States, thus making large quantities of steel economically available to support a rapid growth in American industry during the late-nineteenth and the twentieth centuries.

Attention shall be concentrated on the brilliance of the art --not on the individual. The achievement should be of such public importance as to be worthy of the gratitude of the nation and to call forth the admiration of engineers.

In 1973, eligibility for this award was amended to recognize more than one individual for a single achievement, provided that each individual made an equal or comparable contribution.

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Form of Award: $1000, vermeil medal and certificate
Limitation(s): None
Administrative Responsibility: General Awards Committee (GAC)
Nomination Deadline: March 1
Nomination Sent To: Leila Persaud
Phone Number: 212-591-7071
E-Mail: persaudl@asme.org
Awarded By: Committee on Honors (COH)

Holley Medal Recipients

1924 Hjalmar G. Carlson 1963 William Shockley
1928 Elmer A. Sperry 1968 Chester F. Carlson
1930 Baron C. Shiba 1969 George J. Hood
1934 Irving Langmuir 1973 Harold E. Edgerton
Kenneth J. Germeshausen
1936 Henry Ford 1975 George M. Grover
1937 Frederick G. Cottrell 1976  Emmet N. Leith
Juris Uppatnieks
1938 Francis Hodgkinson 1977 J. David Margerum
1939 Carl E. Johansson 1979 Bruce G. Collipp
Douwe de Vries
1940 Edwin H. Armstrong 1980 Soichiro Honda
1941 John C. Garand 1982 Jack St. Clair Kilby
1942 Ernest O. Lawrence 1985 John V. Atanasoff
1943 Vannevar Bush 1986 Wilson Greatbatch
1944 Carl L. Norden 1987 Robert J. Moffat
1945 Sanford A. Moss 1988 Vernon D. Roosa
1946 Norman Gibson 1989 Jack S. Kilby
Jerry D. Merryman
James H. Van Tassel
1947 Raymond D. Johnson 1990 Roy J. Plunkett
1948 Edwin H. Land 1991 James R. Thompson, Jr.
1950 Charles G. Curtis 1994 Dominick Danna
Richard W. Newman
William C. Moore
1951 George R. Fink 1996 Bernard J. Miller
1952 Sanford L. Cluett 1998 Donna L. Shirley
1953 Philip M. McKenna 2001 Heinz Erzberger
1954 Walter A. Shewhart 2005 James D. Walker
1955 George J. Hood 2008 David G. Lilley
1957 Charles S. Draper 2010  Ashwani K. Gupta
1959 Col. Maurice J. Fletcher 2020 Yogesh Jaluria  
1961 Thomas Elmer Moon    

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