H.R. Lissner Medal

The H.R. Lissner Medal recognizes outstanding achievements in the field of bioengineering. These achievements may be in the form of (1) significant research contributions in bioengineering; (2) development of new methods of measuring in bioengineering; (3) design of new equipment and instrumentation in bioengineering; and/or (4) educational impact in the training of bioengineers. In addition, successful nominees will have demonstrated significant service to the bioengineering community, in general, and to the Bioengineering Division of ASME, in particular.

The Bioengineering Division of ASME established the H. R. Lissner Award as a divisional award in 1977. It was upgraded to a society award in 1987, made possible by a donation from Wayne State University and is named in honor of Professor H. R. Lissner of Wayne State University for his pioneering work in biomechanics that began in 1939.

Form of Award: A $1,000 honorarium, a bronze medal, a certificate, and a travel supplement not to exceed $750
Administrative Responsibility: Bioengineering Division
Limitation(s): Candidate must be an active member of the Bioengineering Division
Nomination Deadline: September 1
Nomination Sent To: H.R. Lissner Medal Committee Chair (send complete form, with reference letters, as a single PDF)
Committee Chair: M.J. Grimm
Phone Number: 517-355-2179
E-mail: mgrimm@msu.edu
Awarded By: Committee on Honors (COH)

H.R. Lissner Medal Recipients

1987 Van C. Mow 2004 John M. Tarbell
1988 Alf L. Nachemson 2005 Steven Goldstein
1989 Robert M. Nerem 2006 Peter A. Torzilli
1990 Albert B. Schultz 2007 Maury Lane Hull
1991 Savio L.Y. Woo 2008 Noshir A. Langrana
1992 John C. Chato 2009 Thomas P. Andriacchi
1993 Don P. Giddens 2010 Roger D. Kamm
1994 Sheldon Weinbaum 2011 Jay D. Humphrey
1995 Robert E. Mates 2012 David L. Butler
1996 Albert I. King 2013 Mehmet Toner
1997 Ajit P. Yoganathan 2014 Kyriacos A. Athanasiou
1998 Malcolm H. Pope 2015 James A. Ashton-Miller
1999 Stephen C. Cowin 2016 Roger C. Haut
2000 Morton H. Friedman 2017 Gerard A. Ateshian
2001 W. Michael Lai 2018 Louis J. Soslowsky
2002 Kenneth R. Diller 2019 Jennifer S. Wayne
2003 Vijay K.Goel 2020 Larry A. Taber
    2021 C. Ross Ethier 

H.R. Lissner Medal Recipients (Division Level)

1977 Robert W. Mann 1982 R.M. Kenedi
1978 Y.C. Fung 1983 Henning E. von Gierke
1979 Robert F. Rushmer 1984 Perry L. Blackshear
1980 F. Gaynor Evans 1985 Richard Skalak
1981 Max Anliker 1986 Albert H. Burstein


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