Frank Kreith Energy Award

Frank Kreith Energy Award

The Frank Kreith Energy Award was established in 2005 to honor an individual for significant contributions to a secure energy future with particular emphasis on innovations in conservation and/or renewable energy. Contributions may be through research, education, practice or significant service to society that will lead to a sustainable energy future.

The Award was established by the Solar Energy and Advanced Energy Systems Divisions to honor Dr. Frank Kreith's contributions to the field of heat transfer and solar energy.

Form of Award: A $2,000 honorarium, a plaque, a certificate, and a travel supplement not to exceed $750
Limitation(s): None
Administrative Responsibility: Solar Energy Division
Nomination Deadline: December 1
Nomination Sent To: Frank Kreith Energy Award Committee Chair
Committee Chair: P.G. Loutzenhiser
Phone Number: 303-384-7531
Awarded By: Committee on Honors (COH)

Frank Krieth Energy Award Recipients

2006 Roland Winston 2021 Robert Pitz-Paal
2007 D. Yogi Goswami    
2008 Ari Rabl    
2009 Robert H. Socolow    
2010 Byard D. Wood    
2011 Ann Marie Sastry    
2012 Jane H. Davidson    
2013 James E. Smith    
2015 Michael Webber    
2016 Aldo Steinfeld    
2017 Gershon Grossman    
2018 William M. Worek    
2019 Gang Chen    
2020 Petros Sofronis    


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