Edwin F. Church Medal

The Edwin F. Church Medal, established in 1972, is awarded to an individual who has rendered eminent service in increasing the value, importance and attractiveness of mechanical engineering education. Education is used here in its broadest sense of preparation for any aspect or level of mechanical engineering through any appropriate mechanism including universities, technical institutes, professional society educational activities, continuing education programs of professional societies and private groups, in-house professional development programs of industrial concerns and governmental agencies, programmed learning and self-instruction systems.

Nominees may or may not be professional educators. However, the award is not intended to recognize professional educators on that merit alone.

The ‘eminent service’ to be considered for the award as performed by the professional educator must be above and beyond the nominee’s normal activities. Excellence in teaching, research, administration and publications by professional engineering educators is not pertinent unless that activity is outside the usual scope of the nominee’s organization or institution.

The Edwin F. Church Medal may be made to one recipient of any age who need not be a member of ASME. It is administered by the General Awards Committee which secures nominations and makes recommendations to the Committee on Honors which selects the recipient.

The Church Medal was established from a bequest of Edwin F. Church, Jr. (1879-1964), loyal member of ASME, devoted supporter of ASME student activities, dedicated teacher, and for thirty-two years professor of mechanical engineering and head of the department at the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn.

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Form of Award: $1000, bronze medal, certificate, and a $750 travel allowance
Limitation(s): Services performed within the context of an individual’s normal employment are not eligible
Nomination Deadline: September 15


Awarded By: Committee on Honors (COH)

Edwin F. Church Medalists

2024 Oscar Barton Jr.
2023 Volker Sick
2022 Suvranu De
2021 Efstathios E. Michaelides
2020 Nael Barakat
2019 Andreas Polycarpou
2018 Kendra V. Sharp
2017 Francis A. Kulacki
2016 Karen A. Thole
2015 William J. Wepfer
2014 John W. Cipolla
2013 William M. Worek
2012 Kenneth S. Ball
2011 Ramesh K. Agarwal
2009 Wilbur J. Marner
2005 Vincent Wilczynski
2004 David Lavery
2003 Devendra P. Garg
2002 William S. Hammack
2001 Frank Kreith
2000 John H. Lienhard
1999 Woodie C. Flowers
1998 Allan D. Kraus
1997 Dean Kamen
1994 Avram Bar-Cohen
1993 Larry C. Oyen
1992 Stephen Juhasz
1991 Joseph A. Falcon
1990 James R. Welty
1989 Adolph T. Molin
1988 Dale E. Klein
1987 Garland H. Duncan
1985 Emil L. Martinec
1984 Milo Price
1982 Clinton H. Britt
1981 Neal P. Jeffries
1980 Dennis K. Bushnell
1979 Kenneth A. Roe
1976  Frank W. Von Flue
1975 Harry Conn
1974 Hobart A. Weaver
1973  Wilbur R. Leopold

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