Bernard F. Langer Nuclear Codes & Standards Award

The Bernard F. Langer Nuclear Codes and Standards Award was established in 1977 in honor of B.F. Langer who was instrumental in the development of the rules for nuclear vessels.

Recognition of an individual(s) who has contributed to the nuclear power plant industry through the development and promotion of ASME Nuclear Codes and Standards or the ASME Nuclear Certification Program is made through the presentation of this award.

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Form of Award: $1000, crystal oracle and certificate
Limitation(s): None
Administrative Responsibility: Board on Nuclear Codes & Standards
Nomination Deadline: February 1
Nomination Sent To: Leila Persaud
Phone Number: 212-591-7071
Awarded By: Committee on Honors (COH)


1978 William E. Cooper 1997 John D. Stevenson 2018 Ralph S. Hill III
1979 William R. Smith, Sr. 1998 Everett C. Rodabaugh 2019 Richard W. Swayne
1980 Wendell P. Johnson 1999 James A. Perry 2020 Annemarie Appleton
1981 Lawrence J. Chockie 2000 Sidney A. Bernsen 2021 Timothy M. Adams
1982 Guy A. Arlotto 2001 Charles J. Pieper 2022 Robert I. Jetter
  Robert J. Bosnak 2002 Kenneth R. Balkey
  Robert B. Minogue 2003 Richard W. Barnes
  G. Wayne Reinmuth 2004 Yasuhide Asada
1983 Spencer H. Bush 2005 Richard E. Gimple
1984 Floyd N. Moschini 2006 Warren H. Bamford
1986 Edwin J. Hemzy 2007 Raymond R. Weidler
1987 Robert L. Dick 2008 Christopher L. Hoffmann
1988 Edward F. Gerwin 2009 Mary Drouin
1989 William H. Miller, Jr. 2010 Ray P. Deubler
1990 Edward L. Williamson 2011 Wilfred C. LaRochelle
1991 T. Eugene Northup 2012 Richard D. Porco
1992 Marcus N. Bressler 2013 Bryan A. Erler
1993 Roger F. Reedy 2014 Douglas Scarth
1994 Owen F. Hedden 2015 Thomas J. Vogan
1995 William G. Knecht 2016 Charles Bruny
1996 Donald F. Landers 2017 Kevin Ennis

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