Arthur L. Williston Medal

The Arthur L. Williston Medal recognizes an engineering student or recent graduate for “fostering civic service.”

The recipient(s) shall demonstrate considerable leadership in activities that “stimulate, foster or develop increased interest in, sense of responsibility for, or urge [others to] participate in social-service, civic, or public-spirited activities for the benefit of society.” Examples of such leadership may include but are not limited to serving in elected office or on active operating/advisory boards, leading initiatives on campus and/or in local community-based organizations, and participating in advocacy on important issues, particularly those relevant to engineering. Efforts that demonstrably increase civic engagement shall receive special consideration.

Arthur L. Williston, ASME Member, established the medal in 1954.

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Nomination Instructions

Form of Award:

$1000, bronze medal, certificate, and a $750 travel allowance

$500 honorarium and certificate (2nd)

$250 honorarium and certificate(3rd)

Limitation(s): Recent graduates must have received their baccalaureate degree no more than two years prior to the date of submission of their application. ASME membership is required at the time of submission. Application must include a statement describing the candidate’s role and describing how her/his leadership fosters a spirit of civic service.
Administrative Responsibility: General Awards Committee (GAC)
Nomination Deadline: February 15
Nomination SentTo: Leila Persaud
Phone Number: 212-591-7071
Awarded By: Committee on Honors (COH)


First Place

1956 John A. Welsh 1982 John H. Pilarski 2007 Michael Steel
1957 Walter P. Logeman 1983 Max R. Casada 2008 Raymond M. Meyer
1959 Rowe A. Girardini 1984 Eddie E. Ferrer 2009 Michael Simmons
1960 Marc Fishbein 1985 Henry M. Quillian III 2010 Andrew N. Rister
1961 James R. Stewart 1986 Stephen J. Schoonmaker 2011 Prabal Goyal
1962 Charles H. Recht 1987 Thomas C. Davis 2012 Kyle C. Picha
1964 Kenneth E. Gawronski 1988 Christian L. Struble 2013 Cassandra N. Hawley
1965 LaRoux K. Gillespie 1990 Robert J. Stehlik 2014 Mavila M. Miller
1966 Eddie R. Howe 1991 Matt Pruszynski 2015 Matthew D. Hill
1967 L. Thomas Cooper III 1992 Sean L. Neilson 2016 Leong Ka Long Karen
1968 Frank A. Ralbovsky 1993 Daniel A. Fletcher 2017 Austin P. Kraus
1969 Arlo Fossum 1994 Michael J. Zinngrabe 2018 Noah M. Purdy
1970 Steven H. Carlson 1996 Jeffrey M. Otto 2021 Vineet Vashi
1971 James A. Willms 1997 Laura R. Foster 2022 Radhika Dharmadhikari
1972 Dennis L. Sandberg 1998 Darrick A. Dean    
1973 Frank H. Roubleau, Jr. 1999 Matthew E. Myers    
1974 James J. Callas 2001 Amip Shah    
1976 Enud David Laska 2002 Anne M. Hines    
1977 Harry W. Groot 2003 David L. Damm    
1978 Jitendra S. Goela 2004 Marie H. Hoffman    
1979 Steven E. Stephens 2005 Valerie Stringer    
1980 Charles S. Macaulay 2006 Tyler E. Schnug    

Second Place

1988 Michael E. Kennedy 1999 Donna L. Hall 2011 Nathaniel D. Taylor
1989 David A. Walker 2001 David L. Damm 2012 Daniel J. Hershman
1990 Randall W. Meinert 2002 Andrew E. Karl 2013 James P. Crawford
1991 Kenneth Skoug III 2003 Scott A. Fisher 2014 Bernard K. Witschen
1992 Gilroy S. Ames 2004 Paul F. Tatum 2015 Tara Larkin
1993 Wade LaGrenade 2005 John Q. Bolton 2017 Joseph R.H. Schaadt
1994 Jeffrey Craig Morris 2006 Amanda M. Thomas 2022 Michel Khoueiry
1995 Connie J. Bleidorn 2007 Lori Michelle Neidig    
1996 Che J. Barnes 2008 Walter S. Fredenhagen III    
1997 Kenneth P. Horne 2009 Tessa RaeKnott    
1998 Elizabeth M. Mastal 2010 Elizabeth Betterbed    

Third Place

1988 John Ellenz 1997 Brian D. Myers 2009 Elizabeth Betterbed
1989 Deborah S. Schenberger 1998 Aaron Marsh 2010 Andrew W. Corwell
1990 John E. Davison 1999 Koh Boon Kiat 2011 Jericho Paolo O. Rivera
1991 Kathleen A. Conley 2001 Anne Hines 2013 Lucas C. Poppe
1992 Kingman Tang 2003 Christopher L. Murphy 2014 Uyanna Obinna
1993 Daniel A. Fletcher 2004 Aashish Kalra 2015 Joseph R. Schaadt
1994 Daniel A. Fletcher 2006 Joy K. Adjorlolo    
1995 Anthony T. Lomma 2007 Danielle Kimberly Williams    
1996 Ookyong Kim 2008 Chris L. Cohoat    


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