ASME Constitution and By-Laws

ASME's current Constitution Articles and By-Laws are listed below.

Constitution Articles may only be changed by vote of the ASME Membership. By-Laws may only be changed upon approval by the Board of Governors.

Changes must be processed through the responsible unit and be accepted by the unit's sector before consideration by the Board of Governors.

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Visit the Committee on Organization and Rules for more information about ASME Rules.

Full Constitution and By-Laws


Certificate of Incorporation


C1.1 Identification
C2.1 Purposes
C3.1 Membership
C4.1 Government
C5.1 Structure
C6.1 Meetings of the Society
C7.1 Publications and Papers
C8.1 Amendments to the Constitution
C9.1 Dues


B2.1 Fulfillment of Purposes
B3.1 Membership
B3.2 Fees and Dues
B3.3 Violation of Ethics
B4.1 Government
B4.2 Nominating Committee
B4.3 Officers
B4.4 Funds
B5.1 Sectors, Boards, Councils, Committees, and Groups
B5.2 Sectors and Committees Reporting to the Board of Governors
B5.3 Public Affairs and Outreach Sector
B5.4 Standards and Certification Sector
B5.5 Technical and Engineering Communities Sector
B5.6 Member Development and Engagement Sector
B5.7 Student and Early Career Development Sector
B5.8 Society Representation
B6.1 Meetings of the Society
B6.2 Voting at or by Proxy at the First Business Meeting of the Fiscal Year
B6.3 Voting at or by Proxy at the Second Business Meeting or a Special Business Meeting
B7.1 Publications and Papers
B8.1 Amendment

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