Young Engineer Paper Contest

ASME Unit:   Fluids Engineering Division (FED)
Date Established:   1994
Achievement:   Best paper submitted to the FED Young Engineer Paper Contest Committee
Limitations:   Undergraduate students, recent baccalaureate engineers (i.e. graduation after April of year prior to award) and beginning graduate students (i.e. start of graduate studies after April of year prior to award)
Nomination Deadline:   5/1
Form of Award:   Plaque, honorarium, and travel reimbursement (see Selection Process below)
Frequency of Award:   Annual
Administrative:   Fluids Engineering Division (FED)
Level of Award:   Division
Selected By:   FED Young Engineer Paper Contest Committee
Selecting Process:   The FED Young Engineer Paper Contest Committee will review these papers. The authors of the three best papers will be selected as finalists. Finalists will revise their papers to match ASME publication guidelines. For information on nominations, visit the ASME Unit Award Nominations Page.
Funding:   Custodian account
Date Created:   10/18/2000
Date Modified:   10/24/2012
Contact Name:   B. Terry Beck
Contact Email:
Contact Phone:    

Winners of the Young Engineer Paper Contest

2016 - Diana Alatalo
2016 - Fatemeh Hassanipour
2015 - Sohail R. Reddy
2015 - George S. Dulikravich
2014 - V. Klimchenko
2014 - J. Park
2014 - M. Hossain
2009 - J. Kelly
2009 - T. Reedy
2009 - J. Gregg
2008 - J. Abboud
2008 - A. B. Dempsey
2008 - M. Zarzecki
2007 - B. Austin
2007 - D. Heymann
2007 - S. M. Bower
1999 - S. Thomson
1998 - D. Wilhite
1997 - H. Langford
1996 - W. Decker
1996 - M. Colton
1995 - A. Terry