Student Paper Competition (Best Paper) Award

ASME Unit:   Noise Control and Acoustics Division (NCAD)
Date Established:   1994
Achievement:   Best Student Paper presented at the IMECE
Limitations:   Students must be BS/MS level
Nomination Deadline:   9/1
Form of Award:   $1000.00
Frequency of Award:   Annual
Administrative:   NCA Division
Level of Award:   Division
Selected By:   Executive Committee (Panel)
Selecting Process:   Review of paper and presentation. There generally is not just a single award given, but multiple acknowledgements with a tiered distribution of travel funds provided by the Executive Committee.
Funding:   Division's Custodial Account
Date Created:   10/18/2000
Date Modified:    
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Winners of the Student Paper Competition (Best Paper) Award

2017 - No award (no submittals)

2016 - Plinio Pinto "Development and Validation of an in-situ Utility pole Model for Vibration Based Non-Destructive Testing"

2015 - Philip Feurtado Experimental analysis of vibration and radiated sound power reduction using an array of acoustic black hole"

2014 - Xiujuan Zhang "Semi-Dirac points in phononic crystals" (IMECE2014-37421)

2013 - Brian Bernard "Energy Absorption in a 1D Array of Axially Aligned Pendulums with Linear Torsional Coupling."

2012 - Adrian Harwood "Numerical Evaluation of the Compact Green's Function for the Solution of Acoustic Flows."

2011 - Dion Antao, "Experimental and Numerical Characterization of an Orifice type Cryogenic Pulse Tube Refrigerator" (IMECE2011-65027)

2010 - Kyle R. Wilt, "Mechanical Design Implications on Power Transfer through Thick Metallic Barriers using Piezoelectric Transducers" (IMECE2010 -38671)

2009 - Na Zhu, "Track and Trace Multiple Incoherent Sound Sources in 3D Space in Real Time"

2008 - Krista Michalis, "Prediction and Modification of Broadband Interior Noise in Enclosures Using Energy-Intensity BEM and Absorption Scaling"

1999 - Kesho Leach, Sean F. Wu

1998 - Patricia L. Driesch

1997 - Corrie J. Derenburger

1996 - Michael G. McAleenan

1995 - Donna Rudge