Serad Student Safety Innivation Challenge

ASME Unit:   Safety Engineering & Risk Analysis (SERAD)
Date Established:   1984
Achievement:   Best undergraduate and runner-up student papers to solve a specific safety problem.
Limitations:   Undergraduate engineering students
Nomination Deadline:   8/1
Form of Award:   Certificate, $500 for the winner, $250 for the Advisor plus travel expenses to attend presentation ceremony
Frequency of Award:   Annual
Administrative:   Safety Engineering and Risk Analysis Division (SERAD)
Level of Award:   Division
Selected By:   A committee made up of SERAD Division members
Selecting Process:   Review and ranking of the submitted entries by the committee.
Funding:   Sponsorship
Date Created:   11/21/2000
Date Modified:   11/30/2012
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Comtact Phone:    

Winners of the Serad Student Safety Innivation Challenge

1990-91 John T. Steele
1991-92 Joseph J. Hildebrand
Patrick S. McElhinney
Kevin J. V. McNiff
John D. Munchmeyer
1992-93 Daniel Badger
David Fraser
Brian Lustig
James Powell
Luis Santana
1997-98 Michael Plumby
Chris Pisares
1998-99 L. Deville
R. Gibbons
D. McClintock
M. O. Laughlin

M. A. Franz
1999-00 Adam Baron
VaneDee Moua
David Quadracci
Dean Eisenbacher
Matthew Kopp
Catherine Sander
2000-01 Nathan Lazenga
Jeremiah Pappe
Vincent Petersen
Ryan Wade
2001-02 Kristin Sheets
Sam Geser
Missy Isaman
John Rosslow
Edgar Wise
Gerard Schaber
Edward Pauley
Barry McGhee
Michael Lowery
Shawn Hoysradt
Eric Fonville
Greg Glenning
2003-04 Scott Wisniewski
Jonathan den Hartog
Spencer Boice
Rudy Lauth
Brian Gaither
Luis Real Huarte
Aaron Miletich
Kai Wimberley
Maria Query

Joshua Doherty
Ryan Fleming
Juan Montez
Ryuichi Nakamura

Michael Bloom
Gabriel Goldman
Vic Kasoff
Spenser Patton
Jeffery Pillis


Petros Efthymiou
Chris Hollingbery
Spenser Harrison
Cory Kendall
Steven trotter
Matt Watson


1st Place
Ensign William Van Cleave
Ensign William Veilleux
Ensign Benjamin Wiest

2nd Place
Garret Campbell
Jon Gomes`
Jon Graham
Luke Petree
Damaris Squires

2010-11 Jennifer Cooper
2011-12 Hanan Altabbakh
Mohammad A. Alkazimi

1st Place:
Ashtyn Baldas


2nd Place:
Mahboubeh Yazdanipour


1st Place:
Thomas Wesselmann


1st Place Graduate Paper:
Seyed Mohsen Hoseyni


1st Place
Undergraduate Paper:

Cameron Falkenburg
Carlie Mantel
Richard Moore
Ben Muyres


1st Place
Graduate Paper:

Farzin Salehpour

2016-17 1st place
Undergraduate group winners:

Sean Johnson,
John Jozwiak,
Cedar Kelly
Rich Postera

1st place
Graduate group winner:

Hossein Salimi


Undergraduate group winners:
1st place
Olivia Bridston,
Gaelen Murray
Zac Oldham


2nd place
Tarique Ahmad


Graduate group winners:
1st place

Amin Moniri-Morad

  2nd place
Tingting Wei
Shixi Ma