Nyquist Lecturer

ASME Unit:   Dynamic Systems & Control Division
Date Established:   2005
Achievement:   A selected prominent lecturer is invited to present a distinguished "NYQUIST LECTURE" at the annual Dynamic Systems and Control Conference (DSCC). The spirit is to convey the Dynamic Systems & Control Division (DSCD) Community a message of relatively broad interest. The event takes place in a pre-announced time slot arranged for maximum attendance, followed by a reception.
Limitations:   The Award may not be given to the same individual more than once.
Nomination Deadline:   3/31
Form of Award:   Plaque
Frequency of Award:   Annual
Administrative:   Dynamic Systems & Control Division
Level of Award:   Division
Selected By:   Dynamic Systems and Control Honors & Awards Committee
Selecting Process:   The Nyquist lecturer is chosen by the Executive Committee Vice Chair, who will be Division Chair when the lecture is presented, after requesting suggestions from the DSCD members.
Funding:   DSCD Custodian Fund
Date Created:   12/5/2008
Date Modified:   11/6/2012
Contact Name:   Dawn Tilbury
Contact Email:   tilbury@umich.edu
Comtact Phone:   (734) 936-2129

Winners of the Nyquist Lecturer

2005 - Karl Astrom
2006 - George Leitmann
2007 - Arthur Bryson
2008 - Masayoshi Tomizuka
2009 - J. Karl Hedrick
2010 - Wayne Book
2011 - Mathukumalli Vidyasagar
2012 - Manfred Morari
2013 - Galip Ulsoy
2014 - Naomi E. Leonard
2015 - Miroslav Krstic
2016 - Mark Spong