K.L. Johnson Award

ASME Unit:   Tribology Division (TRIB)
Date Established:   2006
Achievement:   Paper Judged as the best published by Technical Journal Of Tribology (JOT) in the area of contact mechanics during the previous year.
Nomination Deadline:   5/1
Form of Award:   Certificate and $500 honorarium sponsored by The Timken Company
Frequency of Award:   Annual
Administrative:   Tribology Division
Level of Award:   Division
Selected By:   Contact Mechanics Technical Committee
Selecting Process:   All contact Mechanics papers published in the previous years JOT are reviewed by the contact Mechnics Technical Committee.
Funding:   Tribology Division Custodian Account and the Timken Company
Date Created:   12/9/2008
Date Modified:   10/24/2012
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Winners of the K.L. Johnson Award

2006 - Matthew B. Marshall, Roger Lewis, Rob Dwyer-Joyce, Ulf Olofsson, and Stefan Bjorklund
2007 - Andreas Polycarpou and Xi Shi
2008 - Andrey Ovcharenko, Gregory Halperin, and Izhak Etsion
2009 - Yu-Chiao Wu and George G. Adams
2010 - David Hills, A. Sackfield, and RJ. H. Paynter
2011 - N. Weinzapfel, F. Sadeghi, and V. Bakolas
2012 - S. Medina, A. Olver, and D. Dini