Henry Robinson Towne Lecture

ASME Unit:   Management Division (MGMT)
Date Established:   1925
Achievement:   For paper written in the field of Management, economics or business.
Nomination Deadline:   8/1
Form of Award:   Certificate
Frequency of Award:   Annual
Level of Award:   Division
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Date Created:   11/10/2008
Date Modified:   11/19/2009
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Winners of the Henry Robinson Towne Lecture

2004 - Susan H. Skemp
ASME Fellow at the Office of Science and Technology Policy Executive Office of the President
Past President, ASME 2002-2003
Title: Engineering and Public Policy: Focus on Engineering Workforce 2020

2003 - JOHN A. BRIGHTON, Ph.D., P.E., National Science Foundation
Title: The Role of the National Science Foundation in Advancing the National Research and Education Agenda in Science and Engineering

2002 - STEPHEN C. LEWIS, Ford Motor Company.
Title: How to Instill Diverse Customer Focus into Future Engineers' Education Process.

1999 - ADRIAN BEJAN, Duke University.
Title: Shape and Structure in Engineering and Nature: Contractual Theory.

1998 - C. MOW, Columbia University.
Title: Structure of Scientific Revolution in Bioengineering: A Historical Prospective.

1997 - RAYMOND VISKANTA, Purdue University.
Title: Thermal Issues in Manufacturing and Materials Processing.

1995 - ROBERT W. HALL, Professor of Operations Management, Indiana University Graduate School of Business.
Title: Qualitative Growth.

1994 - No Towne Lecture Presented at '94 ASME Winter Congress. It was moved to the National Design Show in March 1995. See Below.

1993 - H. THOMAS JOHNSON, Retzlaff Professor of Quality Management, School of Business, Portland State University.
Title: How Quality Organizational Learning and Wholistic Thinking Transforms Management Accounting.

1992 - JAMES K. BAKKEN, Former Sr. Vice President, Ford Motor Company.
Title: The American Revolution-Total Quality Management.

1991 - ROBERT L. DORN, Chief Engineer, Cadillac Motor Car Division of General Motors.
Title: The Cadillac Quality Management Story.

1990 - ALLEN F. RHODES, Past President ASME, President and C.E.O. of Gripper Inc., Houston, Texas.
Title: The Engineering and Management Impact of the Global Company.

1989 - M. TRIBUS, Exergy Crop., Haywood, California.
Title: Redefining Engineering Management in the Era of Quality Production.

1986 - DELBERT C. STALEY, President and Chief Executive Officer, NYNEX, New York, New York.
Title: Management Philosophy and Expertise in Achieving Significant Success in the New Status of the New York Telephone Company.

1985 - JULES A. MIRABAL, President, Eaton Kenway, Salt Lake City, Utah.
Title: Effective Materials Handling Another Key Factor in the Competitive Equation.

1984 - DOROTHY M. SIMON, Vice President, Research, AVCO Corporation, Greenwich, Connecticut.
Title: Research and Development The Backbone of Competitive Strategy.

1983 - WILLIAM C. MISSIMER, JR., Pratt & Whitney Group, East Hartford, Connecticut.
Title: Design It to Make It.

1981 - GEORGE R. JASNY, Union Carbide Corp., Oak Ridge, Tennessee.
Title: Engineering for Energy and the Environment in the 1980's –A Return To Realism.

1980 - MARTIN ALLEN, Computervision Corp, Bedford, Massachusetts.
Title: CAD/CAM and the Third Industrial Revolution.

1979 - FRANK A. LEE, President & Chief Executive Officer, Foster Wheeler Corporation, Livingston, New Jersey.
Title: The Obsolescent Engineer.

1978 - D. ROBERT YARNELL, JR., President, Yarway Corporation, Blue Bell, Pennsylvania.
Title: Can Managers Handle Freedom?

1977 - EDGAR B. SPEER, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, United States Steel Corporation, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Title: The Engineer and the Human Equation.

1976 - WILLARD F. ROCKWELL, JR., Chairman of the Board of Rockwell International Corporation, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Title: The Alchemists; Fear and Wonderment.

1975 - ROBERT C. SEAMANS, JR., United States Energy Research and Development Administration, Washington, DC.
Title: Latest Development in Energy Research and Development.

1974 - JAY W. FORRESTER, Professor of Industrial Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts.
Title: The Need to Look Ahead.

1973 - LESTER R. BITTEL, Director, Academy Hall, Inc. Strasburg, Virginia.
Title: From Work Measurement to Work Management; From Wage Incentives to Work Itself.

1972 - JACOB RABINOW, Chief Officer of Invention and Innovation, National Bureau of Standards, Washington, DC.
Title: The Art and Economics of Invention.

1971 - JAMES L. HAYES, President, American Management Association, New York, New York.

1970 - PETER F. DRUCKER, Professor, New York University.
Title: The Price of Success Management Leadership in a Pluralistic Society.
Title: Management A Universal Concept.

1969 - ED REINECKE, Lieutenant Governor, State of California.
Title: Public Responsibility of Engineers.

1968 - J. ERIK JONSSON, Mayor of Dallas, Dallas, Texas; Chairman of the Board, Texas Instruments, Inc.
Title: Avalanche: The Cities and the Seventies.

1967 - DONALD C. BURNHAM, President, Westinghouse Electric Corp., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Title: Productivity Key to Progress.

1966 - ALBERT G. MUMMA, Rear Admiral, U.S. Navy (Retired), Executive Vice President, Worthington Corp., Harrison, New Jersey.
Title: For the Engineer, The Past is Prologue.

1965 - GEORGE E. KECK, President, United Airlines, O'Hare International Airport, Chicago, Illinois.
Title: Engineering's Relation to Business Objectives.

1964 - DAVID PACKARD, Chairman of the Board, Hewlett Packard Company, Palo Alto, California.
Title: Management's Expanding Responsibilities.

1963 - LOUIS E. NEWMAN, President, Smithcraft Corporation, Chelsea, Massachusetts.
Title: Managing in a Changing World.

1962 - HAROLD F. SMIDDY, President, Academy of Management, New York, New York.
Title: The Professional in the Business Corporation.

1961 - WALTER SCOTT, Governing Director, W.D. Scott Company Pty., Ltd., North Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
Title: The Greatest Challenge.

1960 - LYNDALL F. URWICK, Chairman, Urwick Orr and Partners, Ltd. London, England.
Title: Engineers in Management Past and Future.

1959 - JAMES M. GAVIN, Executive Vice President, Arthur D. Little, Inc., Cambridge, Massachusetts.
Title: The Challenge of the Sixties.

1958 - WALTER E. BOVERI, Chairman of the Board, Brown Boveri Company Ltd., Baden, Switzerland.
Title: Man's Conflict with Technical Progress.

1955 - CROSBY FIELD, President, Flakice Corporation, Brooklyn, New York.
Title: The Greatest Achievement of the Engineer in Commerce and Industry.

1953 - PHILIP M. McKENNA, President, Kennametal, Inc. Latrobe, Pennsylvania.
Title: Economics and the Engineer.

1950 - A.W. ROBERTSON, Chairman of the Board, Westinghouse Electric Corporation, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Title: The Individual and Free Enterprise.

1949 - FREDERICK S. BLACKALL, JR., President and Treasurer, Taft Pierce Manufacturing Company, Woonsocket, Rhode Island.
Title: The Obligation of Management to Provide Leadership.

1948 - H.B. MAYNARD, President, Methods Engineering Council, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Title: The Role of Scientific Management in World Recovery.

1946 - CHARLES E. WILSON, President, General Motors Corporation, Detroit, Michigan.
Title: The Great Delusion Where Marx Went Wrong.

1938 - GERARD SWOPE, President, General Electric Company, New York, New York.
Title: Mechanical Engineering Men, Materials and Methods.

1937 - EARNEST A. HOOTON, Professor of Anthropology, Harvard University; Curator, Peabody Museum.
Title: The Simian Basis of Human Mechanics, Or Ape to Engineer.

1936 - JAMES ROWLAND ANGELL, President, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut.
Title: Achievements of Westinghouse as Factors in our Modern Life.

1935 - RALPH E. FLANDERS, Past President ASME; President, Jones and Lamson Machine Company, Springfield, Vermont.
Title: New Pioneers on a New Frontier.

1934 - DEXTER S. KIMBALL, Past President ASME; Dean, College of Engineering, Cornell University.
Title: Prophets and Panaceas.

1933 - DAVID CUSHMAN COYLE, Consulting Engineer, New York, New York.
Title: High Productivity and the Distribution Problem.

1932 - A. W. ROBERTSON, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company.
Title: The Scientific Approach to Human Affairs.

1931 - W.B. DONHAM, Dean, Graduate School of Business Administration, Harvard University
Title: The Temporary Emergency and Twenty Year Plan.

1927 - T.S. ADAMS, Professor of Political Economy, Yale University; President, American Economic Association.
Title: The Relationship Between Industry and Taxation An Economist's Views of a Sound Program for American Business in the Field of Taxation.

1926 - DAVIS RICH DEWEY, Department of Economics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts.
Title: The Credit Factor in the Structure of Industry.

1925 - THE HONORABLE HERBERT HOOVER, (then Secretary of Commerce).
Title: The Economic Value of Research in Pure Science.