Yasundo Takahashi Education Award

ASME Unit:   Dynamic Systems & Control Division
Date Established:   1995
Achievement:   This award is given biennially (odd years) by the Dynamic Systems and Control Division of ASME to a DSCD member for either excellent sustained contributions or for an outstanding major, singular contribution to education in areas of interest to the DSCD. These contributions can include classroom teaching, short courses and workshop development, course development, lab development, textbook publishing, and software publishing.
Limitations:   Nominees selected for the Awards must have been primary members of the DSCD for at least 5 consecutive years prior to receiving the Award and have been an active contributor of the DSCD. Each Award may not be given to the same individual more than once. Any member of the DSCD Honors Committee whose term on the nominating committee includes a portion of the period in any selection cycle between the first call for nominations for an award and the final selection of the award recipient is ineligible for nomination for these awards.
Nomination Deadline:   6/30
Form of Award:   Plaque or framed certificate suitable for wall hanging and a citation specific to the award recipient.
Frequency of Award:   Every other year
Administrative:   Dynamic Systems & Control Division
Level of Award:   Division
Selected By:   Dynamic Systems and Control Honors & Awards Committee
Selecting Process:   The DSCD will make annual solicitations for nominations for the appropriate Awards by advertising sufficiently in advance by at least an email to the DSCD members. The H&A Committee shall select the Award recipients; notify them of their selection and the need to attend the Award presentation; and arrange for the plaques/certificates to be available at the Award presentations.
Funding:   The Award is funded from a draw from the DSCD Custodial Fund with a cash award in an amount of at least $500.00, but less than the cash award for the Rufus Oldenburger Award. The DSCD Executive Committee may change the amounts of the cash awards at any time.
Date Created:   12/5/2008
Date Modified:   11/6/2012
Contact Name:   Dawn Tilbury
Contact Email:   tilbury@umich.edu
Comtact Phone:   (734) 936-2129

Winners of the Yasundo Takahashi Education Award

1995 - David Auslander
1997 - David Wormley
1999 - Clarence W. de Silva
2001 - David Powell
2003 - Dawn Tilbury and William Messner
2005 - Michael J. Rabins
2007 - Dean Karnopp
2009 - Ronald C. Rosenberg
2011 - Devendra P. Garg
2013 - No Award
2015 - Jacob Apkarian