Best Paper Award

ASME Unit:   Heat Transfer Division (HTD)
Date Established:   1977
Achievement:   Best paper published by an ASME member in the ASME heat transfer archival literature in the year immediately preceding the Award
Limitations:   The recipient must be an ASME member.
Nomination Deadline:   March 1
Form of Award:   Certificate
Frequency of Award:   Annual
Administrative:   Heat Transfer Division
Level of Award:   Division
Selected By:   Heat Transfer Division Executive Committee
Selecting Process:   Review of papers by the Honors and Awards Committee (K-3), which makes its recommendation to the Executive Committee. For information on nominations, visit the ASME Unit Award Nominations Page.
Funding:   Heat Transfer Custodian Account
Date Created:   10/18/2000
Date Modified:   10/24/2012
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Winners of the Best Paper Award

1993 - C. Camci, K. Kim, S.A. Hippensteele and P.E. Poinsatte
1995 - T.D. Fadale and A.F. Emery
1996 - Kuno Hijikata, Y. Fukasaku and Osamu Nakebeppu
1997 - F. Shen, J.M. Khodadi, M.C. Woods, J.K.R. Weber and B.Q. Li
1998 - N. Kattan, J.R. Thome and D. Favrat
1999 - L.Lin, A.P. Pisano, and V.P. Carey
2000 - A.R. Kumar, Z.M. Zhang, V.A. Boychev, D.B. Tanner, L.R. Vale and D.A. Rudman
2001 - Debjyoti Banerjee and Vijay Dhir
2002 - R.V. Devireddy, D.J. Smith and J.C. Bischof
2003 - H.M. Reeve, A.M. Mescher and A.F. Emery
2004 - K.N. Rainey, S.M. You and S. Lee
2005 - Yuichi Mitsutake and Masanori Monde
2006 - A. Mukherjee and V.K. Dhir
2007 - Jeffery Bons Ph.D.
2008 - Jacopo Buongiorno Ph.D.