Henry Hess Early Career Publication Award

Henry Hess Early Career Publication Award is given for best original technical paper presented to or published by the Society during the two calendar years prior to the year of award by a Student Member or Member who was not yet 35 years of age at the time the paper was submitted to the Society.

Joint authorship is permissible provided all authors meet the requirements. The paper shall be specifically recommended for the award by a review committee or qualified individual.

The award was established in 1914 by Henry Hess, Member and Vice President of the Society. In 2016, the name was changed to the Henry Hess Early Career Publication Award.

Form of Award:$2500, Certificate and Travel supplement to attend the award presentation.
Limitation(s):Author must be an ASME Student Member or Member who was not yet 35 years of age or 10 years after terminal degree at the time the paper was published by the Society
Administrative Responsibility:General Awards Committee (GAC)
Nomination Deadline:March 1
Nomination Sent To: General Awards Committee
Committee Chair:J. Mulvihill
Phone Number:212-591-7094
Awarded By:Committee on Honors (COH)



1915Ernest Hickstein 1938Arthur C. Stern 1966Jerry R. Johanson
1916L.B. McMillan 1940Robert E. Newton 1967Richard E. Barrett
1919E.D. Whalen 1941John Rettaliata 1969James R. Rice
1921S. Logan Kerr 1942Winston M. Dudley 1970T.L. Geers
1922R.H. Heilman 1943Troels Warming 1972D.C. Gakenheimer
 F.L. Kallam 1945Bruce Del Mar 1973Hazem A. Ezzat
1923S.S. Sanford 1946Martin Goland  Steve M. Rohde
 S. Crocker 1947Gilbert T. Rowe 1974Lambert B. Freund
1924R.H. Heilman 1948Hunt Davis 1976G.D. Gupta
1925Gilbert Schaller 1949Gerhard Nothmann 1977Robert J. Hannemann
1927William M. Frame 1951John D. Stantz 1978Maria Comninou
1928M.D. Aisenstein 1952Warren Rohsenow 1979Krishna C. Gupta
1929Arthur M. Wahl 1955F. Freudenstein 1980Bharat Bhushan
1930Ed S. Smith, Jr. 1959Victor Salesmann 1984Richard C. Benson
1931Montrose Drewry 1960Gunnar Heskestad 1986Steven W. Shaw
1932Edmund M. Wagner  Duane Olberts 1988David L. McDowell
1933Townsend Tinker 1961J.E. Fleckenstein 1990Stephen E. Bechtel
1934John Yellott, Jr. 1962Miklos Sajben 1992Jeffrey S. Marshall
1935Stanley Mikiwa 1963A. Thiruvengadam 1993Mark T. Hanson
1936H.F. Mullikin, Jr. 1964R.J. McGrattan 1995J. Edward Colgate
1937Leslie J. Hooper 1965J.F. Booker   


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