Edward F. Obert Award

The Edward F. Obert Award recognizes an outstanding paper on thermodynamics presented during the preceding two calendar years. The award shall be made for a paper presented at the Advanced Energy Systems Division’s International Mechanical Engineering Congress symposium on energy systems analysis (so long as the symposium continues). The award shall be presented at the following ASME Congress.

The award was established in 1987 as a division award until 1995 when it was elevated to a Society award.

Form of Award: $5000, Certificate and travel expense supplement to attend the award presentation
Limitation(s): All papers must be written during the preceding two years of Congress presentation.
Administrative Responsibility: Advanced Energy Systems Division
Nomination Deadline: March 1
Nomination Sent To: Edward F. Obert Award Committee Chair
Committee Chair: H.N. Shapiro
Phone Number: 313-310-2629
E-mail: hshapiro513@gmail.com
Awarded By: Committee on Honors (COH)



1997 Thomas P. Anderson 2007 Andrea Lazzaretto
1998 Andrea Lazzaretto   Andrea Toffolo
  George Tsatsaronis 2010  Noam Lior
1999 Masaru Ishida   Na Zhang
  Takahiro Suzuki 2012 Michael R. von Spakovsky
  Masashi Yamamoto   Charles E. Smith
2000 Anthony J. Bowman 2014 Hameed Metghalchi
  Richard A. Gaggioli   Ghassan J. Nicolas
  David Paulus, Jr.   Mohammad Janbozorgi
  David H. Richardson    
2001 Elias P. Gyftopoulos    
2002 Cristian Carraretto    
  Alberto Mirandola    
  Anna Stoppato    
2003 Luis M. Serra    
  Antonio Valero    
  Vittorio Verda    
2004 Adrian Bejan    
  Sylvie Lorente