ASME Fellow On-Line Nomination Instructions

First Step

Determine the membership status of your candidate and yourself.  Contact Customer Care at (800) 843-2763/(973) 882-1170 or e-mail for inquiries regarding membership.

  • Is the candidate currently Member grade?
  • Does the candidate have 10 or more years of active practice
    and 10 years of corporate membership in ASME?
  • Are you (the initiator) currently a member?

If the answer to any of these is 'no' and will be 'no' at the time of submission, STOP! The candidate does not fulfill the grade requirements. If you are unsure, contact Customer Care at (800) 843-2763/(973) 882-1170 or e-mail

Members of the Fellows Review Committee shall not initiate or sponsor a Fellow proposal during their terms.

Second Step

Look at and read through the Sample Fellow Proposal (Elbert Lockhorn) and the Sample Sponsor Letters.

The Fellow candidate is fictional and, admittedly, highly qualified for the grade of Fellow. The contents should provide you with excellent examples of how to present information and construct letters of sponsorship.

Obtain a copy of your candidate's resume. The resume will generally give you most of the details you will require in preparing the proposal and will also be a valuable source of sponsors.

Sponsor letters - Determine your potential sponsors including:

  • 3 sponsor letters, plus the nominator's letter, are required. (A total of 4 letters will be accepted).
  • 2 of the three 3 sponsors, plus the nominator, must be ASME members or Fellows. (Contact Customer Care at (800) 843-2763/(973) 882-1170 or e-mail for membership inquiries.)
  • A sponsor, who is not an ASME Fellow or Member, should be chosen to broaden the base of sponsor support.
  • All sponsors must have an acceptable understanding of the Society's criteria, the candidate's qualifications, and a sound basis for judgment. This necessary understanding can be achieved by referring sponsors to the candidate's completed Fellow proposal form and/or the candidate's resume.
  • Letters from each sponsor must clearly show direct knowledge of the candidate's significant achievements and indicate why this individual should be a Fellow.
  • Contact your sponsors. Explain your mission, brief them on the kind of letter desired, gain their confidence and approval. Set a target date for receipt of the letters of recommendation. Remind them that their letters should be succinct and to the point, identifying specifics qualifying the candidate, not generalities.
  • No more than one letter should come from the nominee's employer.

Please remember that the judges of your nominee have nothing on which to base their decision except the facts submitted in your nomination.

Third Step

  • On-line application process
  • Log in to the nomination site “Click here to log in” – this will bring you to a members only site.
  • Enter your email address and click enter – this will bring you to the password page.
  • Enter your password and click enter – this will bring you to the start of the Fellow Nomination process.
  • Click on “Inquire about a new Nominee” – this will bring you to the “Create a Profile” page.
  • Fill out the top of the profile page – prefix; first name; middle initial; last name; member number.
  • Click “Nominee Detail” and the additional information will automatically populate the rest of the form.
  • Questions to be answered by nominator at the bottom of the form:
          a) Is this nomination a Surprise? Click yes or no.
          b) Notify Nominee Employer? Click yes or no.  If yes: Fill in Employer Information
  • Hit Send Inquiry.

The Fellow Inquiry will go to the ASME Staff for approval – Nominators will receive an email confirmation within 3 business days.

A nominator can go in and out of the on-line nomination process and add documents to the nomination at any time.

Fourth Step

The nominator will receive a confirmation email with a link: to the Fellows Nomination that was started. 

  • Click on the link provided and you will be directed to a new page. Click on: Eligible Nominee(s) – Please proceed to Fellow Proposal.
  • The drop down will have the nominees name – click on add/view/edit.
  • This will bring the nominator to the Fellow nomination page where all Fellow information can be uploaded with PDF’s or typed manually  – in no particular order: Sponsor letters, Citation, Qualification Documents, Educational History and Professional History. 
  • Write your own initiator letter. After all that work and with your vast knowledge of the candidate's qualifications, you are in the best supportive position.

NOTE: A nominator can add all sponsor letters to the on-line nomination or the nominator can input the sponsor information: Prefix; first name; middle initial; last name and member number.  The sponsor will receive an email with a link to the nomination and the sponsor can upload their letter to the nomination.

Fifth Step

Add the citation. The on-line application will not accept a citation with more than 100 words.

Sixth Step

Add the Qualification Documents. The initiator can select one of the nine qualification categories to describe the candidate's significant engineering achievements. One category is sufficient, but more than one category may be utilized if the initiator believes it is necessary to make a credible case for the candidate.  Qualifications must be submitted for each category selected. 

Seventh Step

Add the educational history and list relevant degrees in chronological order and indicate brief description in 200 words or less.

Eighth Step

Add the Professional Record: A Curriculum Vitae/Resume - It is important the curriculum vitae/resume include Work History, Patents, Publications (most recent or significant, no more than ten) and Contribution to the Profession (ASME, etc.) and additional significant engineering achievements.

Ninth Step

Final Review: Once all nomination documents have been uploaded click on the last button “Check List” and this will bring you to the Fellow Nomination Checklist page.  Go thru the check list item by item to ensure that the nomination documents have all been submitted and are correct.  This is the time that the nominator can go back and review all documents loaded onto the site.  Once you are sure that the nomination is complete, click on all the question buttons and then the final step: Click on: Submit Nomination.

NOTE: Remember to carefully read the "Guide to the Check List."Reading now may save rewriting later!

Final Step

The initiator's work is not done. Once Fellow election is completed, the initiator is requested to arrange for presentation of the Fellow certificate and lapel pin at a Section, Technical Division or other appropriate meeting. If the presentation is to be a surprise, the initiator should provide publicity information to ASME. A membership card will be sent to the initiator along with the certificate and lapel pin. The initiator should try to have a digital photograph of the newly elected Fellow. (If the presentation is not to be a surprise, the photo and press release information request will be sent to the newly elected Fellow).

What Happens to the Nomination? How Long Does it Take?

  • Receipt is acknowledged in writing to the initiator. If you don't receive an email acknowledging receipt you will know that the proposal was not received by the Fellows Department.
  • The nomination is then forwarded for consideration by the Fellow Review Committee (FRC) in either March, June, September or December.  Review by the FRC will take two (2) weeks.
  • If the FRC defers action, the initiator will be notified as to the reason(s).
  • The nominations approved by the FRC are then forwarded to the Committee of Past Presidents (CPP), for final consideration.  The CPP is given one week to review the nominations. 
  • Upon the CPP advancement of the candidate to the grade of Fellow, a Fellow certificate, Fellow lapel pin, and name badge are sent to the initiator to arrange for presentation.
  • The entire process takes approximately 6-7 weeks.

Thank you for your active participation in the ASME Fellows Program!