Archimedes Club

ASME members and generous supporters who remember the ASME Foundation as part of a planned gift are recognized as members of an elite group: the Archimedes Club. Founded in 2003, the Archimedes Club unites the ASME planned giving community in the common goal of supporting programs that will help advance the engineering profession. By choosing to make a planned gift, you can feel confident that you are helping to ensure the future of the engineering profession.

The Archimedes Club was named in honor of the famed Greek engineer, inventor, astronomer, and physicist who is considered one of the greatest mathematicians of all time. He created profound mathematics by solving simple and fundamental problems of geometry. Archimedes left a long and substantial legacy on the field engineering. Become an Archimedes Club member to start building yours.

Benefits of Membership

Every person who makes a planned gift to the ASME Foundation is eligible for membership in the Archimedes Club. As a member of the Archimedes Club, you will receive these special benefits:

  • An Archimedes Club display coin that identifies you as a prominent supporter of ASME and the future of engineering
  • Listing as an Archimedes Club member in ASME Foundation's Annual Donor report and website
  • Exclusive invitations from ASME Executive Director
  • Invitations to special programs and events

Requirements for Membership

Membership in the Archimedes Club is open exclusively to individuals who have made provisions for the ASME Foundation through a variety of estate planning tools or by leaving the ASME Foundation in their will.

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Join the Archimedes Club

If you have included the ASME Foundation in your estate plans, please notify us as soon as possible. After we have received notification of your planned gift to the ASME Foundation, you will be named a member of the Archimedes Club. New members are formally recognized and welcomed at special receptions at ASME's Congress and Annual Meeting.

For additional information on becoming a member, please contact the ASME Foundation at 202‐785‐7393.