#85 PACECO Container Crane


First high-speed, dockside container-handling crane

The world's first high-speed, dockside container-handling cranes reduced ship turnaround time from three weeks to eighteen hours. They became the model and set the standard for future designs worldwide. In service January 7, 1959, the A-frame cranes built at Encinal Terminals in Alameda, California, were designed to move large quantities of products with less handling, less damage, and less pilferage. Under the leadership of C. Dean Ramsden, P.E., the Pacific Coast Engineering Company (PACECO Inc.) met performance specifications developed by the Matson Navigation Company.

The cranes were purchased in 1987 by the Port of Nanjing, where they are now located. They were redesignated in 1988 in conjunction with the Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society.

The Hawaiian Citizen, the world's first dedicated containership being serviced at Encinal Terminals during the early 60s.
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Ceremony Notes

May 1983

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