#74 Anderson-Barngrover Cont. Rotary Pressure Sterilizer


World's first continuous-stream automation of the cooking and cooling system for canned food

When introduced in 1920, producers were able to feed sealed cans of food through an automated and uniform cooking and cooling system in a continuous stream. These automated machines represent an important contribution to the ageless problem of food preservation and human nutrition. Used in canneries throughout the world, about one-half of all the food sterilized in cans in the world is processed in them, an estimated 43 billion cans annually. Development of the sterilizer from 1913 to 1920 was led by A.R. Thompson of the Anderson-Barngrover Company of San Jose, California, now the Machinery Division of the FMC Corporation.

The FMC Rotary Pressure Sterilizer

Comments from Visitors/Members: The ASME designated machine was actually a laboratory shortened version that was replaced with a laboratory simulator (Steritort). Actual manufacture of parts, subassemblies, and comlete rotary pressure sterilizers is carried out practically year round. Slide shows, videos, brochures are available to illustrate and describe principles and operation.

The original plaque, presented on 1982/05/17, is still mounted in the lobby of the FMC Corporate Technology Center, 1205 Coleman Avenue, Santa Clara, CA 95052, 408-289-0111.

The second plaque was purchased by FMC Food Processing Systems Division and is located at 2300 Industrial Avenue.

The third plaque was ordered by FMC's Corporate Technology Center and is in Building G on the historical mural wall.

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Landmark Location

FMC FoodTech
200 East Randolph
Chicago, IL 60601 USA

Plaque location, if specific

lobby of FMC Corporate Technology Center

Visiting Info

by appointment, weekdays
Phone: +1 312 861 6000

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FMC Food Technologies http://www.fmctechnologies.com

Ceremony Notes

May, 1982


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