#61 Michigan-Lake Superior Power Hydroelectric Plant


Early, extremely large-scale, low-head hydropower plant using many small turbines

This low-head operating plant is representative of nineteenth-century hydropower-plant practice using many small turbines in contrast to twentieth-century use of few large turbines and generators. Its 40,000 horsepower capacity made it the largest in the country using turbines of American design (McCormick-Francis). The contemporary and larger Niagara installation used turbines of French design (Fourneyron). The entrepreneur of this plant was Francis Clergue, a lawyer, who employed as his chief engineer Hans A.E. von Schon, a German immigrant who had served with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Michigan Lake Superior Power Hydroelectric Plant

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Landmark Location

St. Mary's River nr. Ashum St.
Saulte Sainte Marie, MI

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Ceremony Notes

May 1981


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