#202 William Tod Rolling-Mill Engine


Representative of steam-powered rolling-mill-engine drives early in the transition to electric drive and typical of the largest work pieces produced by U.S. foundries and forges

The William Tod Company of Youngstown was one of a handful of builders of very large machinery for the American steel industry. This engine, with cylinders of 34- and 68-inch bore by 60-inch stroke, is representative of the firm's -- and the industry's -- application of steam power to rolling-mill drive early in the period of gradual transition to electric drive.

The frame, cylinder, and flywheel castings, and the crankshaft, piston-rod, and connecting-rod forgings of these engines are typical of the largest work pieces produced by the nation's foundries and forges.

Mill Engine at Tods


Landmark Location

Tod Engine Foundation
2261 Hubbard Road
Youngstown, OH 44505

Related Links

William Tod site: http://www.todengine.org/

Visiting Info

Email Rick Rowlands rick@todengine.org or call 330-272-4089. Volunteers needed. The engine is currently under restoration. In 2008, a building will be erected to house the engine along with the ASME plaque. For restoration process go to http://todengine.blogspot.com/

Ceremony Notes

19 September 1998

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