#12 Reynolds-Corliss Pumping Engine


Early 20th-century water pump driven by a Corliss steam engine


Installed alongside an Epping Carpenter pump that was later scrapped, this water pump was built by Allis-Chalmers, which for many years had Edwin Reynolds as its chief engineer. Driven by a Corliss steam engine, these large city water pumps were installed in Jacksonville's water supply improvement program in 1915, and each pumped 5 million gallons of water a day until 1930 when the first of the electric-driven peripheral pumping stations began operating. Steam engine operation was discontinued in 1956.

Main Street Pumping Station, 1917. Old plant in foreground; landmark Reynolds-Corliss Pumping Engine is located in the building in the background.

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Landmark Location

Main Street Pumping Station 182 North Main Street Jacksonville, FL 32206

Owner, if different

City of Jacksonville Water Division

Ceremony Notes

February 1976 Designated by the Northeast Florida Section

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