ASME Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement

Diversity and Inclusion is of paramount importance to ASME. We are continuously and tirelessly building and nurturing a culture of inclusiveness. Experience and data have shown us that different ideas, perspectives, and backgrounds create a stronger, more creative work environment that delivers robust solutions. ASME’s inclusive culture encourages, supports, and celebrates the diverse voices of our employees, volunteers, customers, and communities.

In our ongoing work toward increasing diversity and ensuring inclusion across the Society, we adhere to three guiding principles, which are exemplified by our leaders, staff, volunteers, members, teams, partners, and the communities we serve.

We are a global, diverse, and inclusive Society.

ASME recognizes the broad, dynamic, and highly competitive environment in which we operate. The products and services we create and disseminate impact people, culture, and the global environment on a daily basis. We seek to be leaders as well as responsible stewards of the earth by engaging with other professional societies to advance technology in a socially responsible manner.

We are a Society that adheres to the highest ethical standards.

We are a Society that adheres to the highest ethical standards. We uphold the highest standards for our work through integrity, quality, and excellence. These practices, which are shared across the globe, ensure consistency, accountability and reflect our intention to always do our very best and make a difference.

We are a Society focused on the next generation.

Our youth are our future. The Society fosters relationships with K-12, higher education, fellow societies, and communities, creating a global, diverse pipeline of leaders and engineers. By inspiring creativity, providing a common culture for new ideas to flourish, and celebrating and sharing successes, the Society is poised to take full advantage of current and future opportunities.

Topics in Diversity & Inclusion

The following are messages sent by ASME CEO Tom Costabile in observance of recent diversity-related observances.

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