IAB Meeting Explores Driving Digital Transformation Change in Mature Industries

Jan 21, 2021

The Industry Advisory Board (IAB) virtual meeting, held on December 1, 2020, explored the topic of “Digital Transformation: Driving Change in Mature Industries.” The meeting continued IAB’s exploration of the topic of digital transformation and how it is affecting the engineering industry.
Stephen Nelson, CEO, Longview Power
Stephen Nelson, CEO of Longview Power, focused his presentation on “Optimal People and Plant Performance through Digital Analytics,” the account of how Longview Power evolved from a traditional coal-fired power plant to the most highly efficient coal-fired power plant in North America through digital analytics.
After his presentation, IAB members broke into three breakout sessions: Drivers of Digital Transformation; Education and Training; and Standards and Content. Robust conversation occurred in the breakout sessions, outlining several recommendations for ASME’s consideration.
After the breakouts, the full IAB discussed the future of digital transformation with IAB Chair Scott Stallard imploring the group to think about how the IAB can work together to identify gap areas in digital transformation and what the high impact areas are for industry and ASME.
For additional information about the IAB virtual fall meeting or the IAB in general, please contact Melissa Carl at carlm@asme.org or Susie Cabanas at cabanass@asme.org

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