Paper Review and Acceptance

Review and Acceptance

Receipt of a paper for conference publication, solicited or submitted, does not necessarily constitute a commitment to accept it for publication. All papers submitted for publication consideration will undergo an initial review for applicability to the conference scope by the appropriate conference administrators (e.g., conference organizers of a specific technical area). For most conferences, this initial determination is based on a submitted short abstract. Accepted abstracts will then develop into full draft papers, which will be further subject to peer review. The number of reviewers may vary and will be determined by designated conference organizers. Comments and evaluations made by reviewers are communicated to authors for the improvement of their work; however, the reviewer identities are confidential.

Once accepted, the author is responsible to provide a final paper, prepared per ASME requirements and specifications. Based on the submission model (see details above), the author will follow a prescribed set of instructions for submitting the paper for production, manufacture, and distribution. All accepted, submitted papers are subject to light copy editing when put into production.

Papers not accepted for publication but somehow received at HQ will be returned to the authors. ASME staff will take reasonable precautions to preserve the property rights of an author of a paper not accepted for publication.

Statements and opinions advanced in published papers are understood to be individual expressions of the authors and not those of ASME.