Certification & Accreditation

CA Connect is Live! A new online, conformity-assessment system that allows applications for ASME accreditation and products certifications (a/k/a "code-symbol stamps") exclusively online.

ASME conformity assessment programs—under which a company or an individual is assessed and certified based on demonstrated ability to meet the requirements of an ASME standard—continue to provide a vital service to enhancement of public safety and facilitation of international commerce.

For nearly 100 years, the strength of ASME standards and related product certifications is that they form an interlocking system based on having a set of requirements developed through an open and transparent consensus process. They involve independent, third-party inspection during the process, uniform qualification of inspectors, and acceptance by government entities. It is the common understanding and confidence and trust in this system, which have enabled regulated equipment built in one jurisdiction to be readily accepted for installation in another.

This confidence and acceptance, evident throughout state and provincial jurisdictions within the U.S. and Canada, have extended beyond North America. In 2010, ASME reached a milestone of certifying more than 6,000 manufacturers in 75 nations.

Personnel Certification
ASME has been setting the standard in personnel certification for over two decades. Acting by request of federal agencies, ASME provides particular industries with a uniform standard for evaluating professional competency. Nearly 3,000 professionals throughout North America have achieved these respected credentials for themselves, while bringing back to their sponsoring organizations best-practices for improving operational safety and efficiency.

Authorized Inspection Agency Accreditation (AIA)
Information on the accreditation process for boiler and pressure vessel inspection agencies.

Boiler & Pressure Vessel Certification
Information on ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Accreditation, Certificates of Authorization & code Symbol Stamps.

GDTP (Y14.5) - Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing Professional Certification
ASME's GDTP (Y14.5) certification documents your knowledge of this important standard.

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