David J. Gorsich, Ph.D. (2028)

U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command
Ground Vehicle Systems Center
Warren, MI 48397
P: (586) 282-7413
E: david.j.gorsich.civ@army.mil 



    A successful journal benefits from the active participation of world-renowned researchers and engineers in the field. Editor-in-Chiefs establish an Advisory Board to enhance the number of prominent people associated with a journal, increasing diversity and inclusion, improving the mix of academic and professional engineers and scientists. 

    The responsibilities of an Advisory Board include the following: advising the editor as requested, serving as guest editors, identifying concepts for special issues, identification of Associate Editors, acting as diversity advocates, taking actions to increase the impact factor of the journal, soliciting and developing Review Articles, increasing submissions, and attracting new authors. 

    The term of the Advisory Board shall be concurrent with the term of the Editor-in-Chief. 

  • Azim Eskandarian, Ph.D. (2024)
  • Virginia Tech, USA
  • David Gorsich, Ph.D. (2024)
    U.S. Army Ground Vehicle Systems Center, USA
  • Madhu Raghavan, Ph.D. (2024)
    General Motors, USA

  • Thomas Kurfess 
  • Thomas Costabile
    Executive Director
  • John Goossen
  • Christine M. Reilley
    Managing Director, Publishing
  • Erica Hodge
  • Production Coordinator
  • Jian Cao
  • Shapour Azarm
  • Beth Winklestein
    Chair, Board of Editors

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