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Journal of Solar Energy Engineering

Journal of Solar Energy Engineering American Society Of Mechanical Engineers

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Including Wind Energy and Building Energy Conservation

Editor: Gilles Flamant, Processes Materials and Solar Energy Laboratory, PROMES-CNRS

Along with announcements and notes of interest, the Journal of Solar Energy Engineering publishes technical papers, technical brief notes, and discussions on all aspects of solar derived energy for generation of mechanical and electrical power, including both active and passive solar applications. A new Solar Scenery section features four-color photographs or graphical displays of research results and significant new solar installations or research facilities.

Topic areas explored include: energy conversion; industrial process systems; heating and cooling; ocean energy conversion, fundamental processes and theory; collector development and testing; wind energy systems; photovoltaics; system analysis and control; solar design; energy storage; bio-conversions; conservation and solar buildings; solar space applications; and solar ponds.

Published: February, May, August, November

Subscriptions currently include the years 2000 - present. Access to archived content prior to the year 2000 can be obtained with an instututional subscription or an ASME Member Article Pack.

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