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PVP Waterhammer Damage in Pipes  (Part of the PVP Failure Modes Program)

PVP Waterhammer Damage in Pipes (Part of the PVP Failure Modes Program)

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This one-day course reviews the characteristics of Waterhammer Damage in Pipes, how to diagnose their causes, how to determine the integrity of the system or component, how to decide whether to keep the system or component in service, and how to repair and prevent recurrence.  Assessment of severity will be discussed in detail, as well as prevention and mitigation options. 

You will learn to:
 - Recognize the type and causes of Waterhammer Damage in Pipes
 - Assess severity of damage
 - Evaluate the remaining life of the component
 - Make run-or-repair decisions

Who should attend:
This program is an essential resource for engineers, inspectors, and regulators who desire a practical roadmap for making run-or-repair and operability decisions based on the sound application of ASME/API codes, industry regulations, and engineering practice.

  • Course Type: Masterclass
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  • Language: English
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George Antaki is an ASME Fellow with over 40 years of experience in mechanical and structural integrity in the power and process industries. He is internationally recognized for his expertise in design, analysis, and fitness-for-service evaluation of pressure equipment and piping systems. George is chairman of ASME III Working Group Piping Design, chairman of ASME B31 Mechanical Design Committee, member of the joint API-579/ASME FFS-1 committee, and the ASME Post-Construction Code. He has authored three textbooks on the design, trouble-shooting, fitness-for-service, and repair of pressure equipment.
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