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PD720 - Managing and Coordinating Piping Projects

PD720 - Managing and Coordinating Piping Projects

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Kansas City, MO, USA
Feb 28, 2019 - Mar 1, 2019


Portland, OR, USA
Apr 11, 2019 - Apr 12, 2019


Houston, TX, USA
Jun 13, 2019 - Jun 14, 2019




Length: 2 days    CEUs: 1.50    PDHs: 15.00

Currently, many of the piping design projects are being engineered by either outside or overseas contractors.  This results in the in-house engineer or designer being tasked with coordinating, checking, and managing the project through its construction.

This course addresses the procedures involved in the successful implementation of the project from PFD (Process Flow Diagram) to P&ID (Piping and Instrumentation Diagram) and then to Layouts and Construction (please refer to the diagram in the downloadable outline).

Ultimately, a smooth transition from PFD to P&ID is critical to the success of the project.  The function of a project manager/coordinator is to plan, control, and optimize a multi-discipline project toward its construction and completion in a timely and cost-effective manner.  Project engineering requires a command of the activities involved in the evolution of the P&ID, such as providing lists and schedules, and generating specifications.

Determining the design and location of equipment; and subsequent arrangement of piping and instrumentation consume the majority of man hours in the design of a process or power plant.  Employing 3D CAD models and engineering software has drastically changed the design approach to plant layout.  This course demonstrates how these computer generated piping models are developed from the P&ID, as well as illustrate the role that related disciplines, such as civil, structural, instrumentation and electrical have on plant layout.

This course provides a detailed examination of the design procedures and practices involved in the location and layout of piping systems and process equipment.  Additionally, students review maintenance and turnaround requirements, ease of access, process considerations, pipe support design, and the effects of temperature and vibration in piping.

Each participant will receive a copy of the book, Detail Engineering and Layout of Piping Systems, by Bob Wilson.

You Will Learn To
 - Coordinate activities in developing the P&ID from the PFD
 - Manage the evolution of the P&ID and develop piping and equipment specifications, lists and schedules
 - Explain the procedures involved in the layout and piping of a typical process unit containing pumps, exchangers, horizontal drums, storage tanks and vertical towers
 - Describe how disciplines, such as civil, structural, electrical, instrumentation, etc., are relevant to piping design and layout
 - Identify maintenance and accessibility requirements of piping, equipment and related disciplines
 - Check and certify piping and vendor drawings and calculations
 - Identify pipe support requirements and assure compliance with B31 Codes and MSS- SP58
 - Describe piping stress analysis techniques and check results/outputs
 - Interpret and implement B31 Code requirements and procedures
 - Manage a piping project from its inception to its completion
 - Develop Operation and Maintenance Procedures

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Who Should Attend
  - Project and Process Engineers, Coordinators and Managers handling equipment and piping layout projects
 - Practicing engineers required to expand their understanding of layout procedures.
 - Piping design and analysis personnel wishing to broaden their knowledge. This program will offer practical solutions to design problems.
 - Practicing engineers wanting to expand their understanding of layout procedures.
 - Engineers and designers in related disciplines to expand their knowledge of the piping area.

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  • Course Type: Public Course
  • Course Number: PD720
  • Language: English
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Bob Wilson is an Engineering Consultant with R.B. Wilson & Associates, Dundas, Ontario, Canada and former Engineering Professor at Sheridan College. He is a member of the B31.1 Power Piping Section Sub Group on Design. Mr. Wilson has taught piping design and engineering courses for 30 years. He has been involved with the design, analysis, layout and support of piping systems since 1963, with petrochemical, power, steel, mining & processing companies in North America and Europe and is currently working as a Piping Stress Engineer with experience in Caesar II, Caepipe and Autopipe analysis programs.

He is the author of "Detail Engineering and Layout of Piping Systems," and is the former chairman of ASME’s Ontario Section.
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