Comparison and Validation of Creep-Buckling Analysis Methods

Comparison and Validation of Creep-Buckling Analysis Methods STP-PT-022 - 2008

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This report provides comparisons of creep-buckling calculations and provides guidance on approximate methods which are feasible for design.  This report includes a discussion of the various creep models, presents creep buckling analysis techniques, and provides several comparative example calculations.
The techniques discussed in this report include:

  1. Baseline analysis. Finite element creep analysis with different creep models and full non-linear strain-displacement (geometrical) analysis.
  2. Critical strain technique. Elastic buckling strain defines the creep buckling strain.
  3. Tangent/secant modulus approaches. Combinations of tangent and secant moduli of the isochronous stress-strain curve are used in calculations that reduce to elastic buckling calculations in the elastic case.
  4. Use of an isochronous stress-strain curve in a limit/instability analysis of the imperfect structure. An instability (buckling) analysis would be in principle the same as Technique 3, and should generate the same answer. Adding plastic collapse as a failure mode ensures that the yield strength of the structure is not exceeded. This analysis therefore reflects the failure modes which are covered by the baseline technique.

  • Publisher: ASME Standards Technology LLC
  • Publish Date: 2008
  • Pages: 32
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9780791831748
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